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2.6 Challenge

The 2.6 Home Hero Challenge

Well done EVERYONE who has taken part in the 2.6 challenge this week! I have been blown away by all the entries! Here are all our home heroes:
Alba took part as a member of her Rainbow Unit!
Alexa went cycling!
Charlie jumped over the pole.
Ella walked and delivered post!
Aidan completed laps of the garden!
Annabelle went up and down the stairs!
Alby did forward rolls!
Bronwyn went for a walk.
Callum ran laps of the garden.
Becca went cycling.
Halle made origami frogs and did frog leaps.
Evie bounced for her challenge.
Finlay scooted the distance!
Gabriel went for a bike ride.
Filip went for a walk.
George jumped in the puddles!!
Hope did gymnastics moves.
Rigon did some yoga.
Jacob went up and down the stairs!
Mila went cycling.
Dominika completed handstands.
Grace did high kicks.
Rosie completed laps of the garden!
Jayden did star jumps!
Jess bounced on the trampoline!
Lacey and Freddie ran round the garden.
Kelseyrose did star jumps!
Lillie completed ballet moves.
Amelia and Hayley danced together!
Joshua ran round his toys in the garden.
Maria went for a walk.
Leo shot basketball hoops!
Libby ran round the garden.
George went for a bike ride.
Olivia did cartwheels.
Eleanor got wet on her walk!
Olly ran round the garden.
Paul and Mikel ran up and down the stairs!
Ehab and Wahaj ran round the garden!
Sophie ran around her local area.
Amy danced for her challenge.
Amelia and Ellissa bounced their challenge!
Freddie, Bella & Georgia went walking.
Edith hula-hooped outside!
Jessie did loads of different challenges!
William did star jumps.
Keiran did crunches!
Klara splashed in puddles.
Lily-Ann challenged herself with star jumps.
Livvy took shots at the goal!
Lottie went for a walk.
Mabel completed a swinging challenge!
Lucia-Anna completed star jumps.
Conor rode his bike!
Reenie has done a different challenge each day!
Maisie did cartwheels inside and outside.
Scarlett did cartwheels.
Toby went walking
Antoni went for a bike ride.
Marcy-May ran round the garden!
Harry bounced on the trampoline.
Olivia ran round the garden.
William rode his bike.
James did press-ups!
Brooke did star jumps!
Joshua and Olivia went jogging!
Vivien rode her bike.
Mrs Crocker went for a walk with her daughter.
Mrs Hicks did a mix of challenges!