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Year 4


Mrs Hardy

Mrs Mossom


Teacher Bio


I am really looking forward to teaching Ash this year and leading the Year 3 and 4 Phase.


I am a HUGE book lover and can not wait to recommend some of my books in school to the children in the class - I'm sure there is something for everyone. I have a background in performing and love dance and drama, both participating and watching. In addition to being a teacher, I am also a mum, which is why I will be in school only 4 days a week. On Tuesdays, Ash will be taught by the very experienced and knowledgeable Mrs Mossom. She will also be teaching Ash every other Wednesday morning.


Ash will also be supported by Miss Stewart. Mrs Reader will support in the mornings and Mrs Aripin will support us in the afternoon. Mr Naylor will also be supporting groups. We are all here to help the children to be the B.E.S.T. they can be. 


The children will very quickly learn that I welcome mistakes; no-one is perfect and it is through our mistakes that we learn and grow. All I ask is that they try their best, just as I will - then we can be proud of ourselves and of our achievements.


I am sure we will all have a fantastic year together.


Class Routines

Our main classroom door for the start and end of the school day is the Ash rear classroom door.


Our regular PE days are as follows:

Indoor PE (Swimming) - Tuesday

Outdoor PE - Friday

On these days children should come to school in PE kit, including on swimming days.

From Tuesday the 14th of September to Tuesday the 30th of November the children will be participating in swimming lessons, which will count as their PE session for those days.


Our Learning


Writing: Learning our model text and exploring the language and sentence structures used in the story of 'Stone Age Boy'


Reading: Class Novel - 'The Wild Robot' Peter Brown

                 Linked comprehension - setting descriptions


Maths: Place Value - reading and writing 4 digit numbers


History/Geography: When was the Stone Age?


PE: Swimming and team games


RE: Sikhism - where do Sikhs worships?


French: Animals


Computing: Understanding networks and the purpose of routers


Music: Class performance with voice and instruments



There have been so many great Japanese haikus that it was hard to choose, however this week SCARLETT has the Star Work of the Week for the multiple, super haikus she wrote having been inspired after our 'forest bathing' session.



Recommended Websites:




Read Theory

Reading Games



Spelling Frame - activities to practise spelling patterns and rules



The Quest of Comma Castle

Spelling and Grammar









Times Table Rockstars

Top Marks 7-11

Radius of the Lost Arc


Word Problems

Maths Playground -you'll need paper ready for your working out!


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Nrich - mathematical games and problems