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Chestnut Y4

Year 4

Miss Ford


Autumn Term

Welcome to our class page. We hope you will find it useful and it will let you know what we are currently learning about in school.

Teacher Bio

My name is Miss Ford and I will be teaching Chestnut class this year! In my spare time I love travelling (when Covid19 permits it, of course) and have enjoyed visiting countries such as Germany, Croatia, Switzerland and the USA. I have also recently rescued a cat from Battersea that I am enjoying looking after (even when she wakes me up at 4:00am!) I am really looking forward to getting stuck into our learning this term and getting to know you all!

Mrs Corrigan and Mrs Danish will be supporting the children with their learning this term.


Class Routines

Our main classroom door for the start and end of the school day is the Chestnut playground door.


Our regular PE days are as follows:

Indoor PE - Tuesday

Outdoor PE - Thursday

On these days children should come to school in PE kit.

Current Learning:

Writing: Planning and writing an adventure story about a location in Great Britain.


Reading: Class Novel - 'The Highland Falcon Thief' by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman

               Linked reading - Stories which include speech or link to our topic of Great Britain


Maths: Division (children should be practising their times tables as much as possible at home each week as this make this unit, and future learning, much easier for them)


History/Geography: Exploring life in Anglo-Saxon times as well as researching cities, counties and the coasts in Great Britain.


PE: Gymnastics and Hockey


RE: Sikhism


French: Seasons and colours


Computing: Programming shapes, objects and logos


Art: Creating an Anglo-Saxon inspired brooch from clay


Pictures of our Learning

Chestnut's weekly STAR OF THE WEEK

21/01/22 This week our star of the week is Jessica! Jessica produced a brilliant piece of history work last Friday and has written a brilliant selection of facts around her Anglo-Saxon house drawing! Well done!

14/01/22 This week our star of the week is Holly! Holly is so hard working and this week has produced two fantastic paragraphs containing expanded noun phrases and similes! Keep it up Holly!

07/01/22 Our first star of the week for 2022 is Harvey! Harvey has been working really hard in all subjects this week but in Maths in particular! He has been so focused and determined to solve short division questions and all the adults are really proud of him. Keep it up!

10/12 This week our star of the week is Dominika! I was really impressed by the way Dominika chose her own rhyming couplets in our poetry lesson yesterday as this showed me she has taken on board our learning about rhyme over the past week. Well done for challenging yourself!

26/11/21 This week our star of the week is Freddie! I was really impressed with Freddie's letter writing this week. He has adapted my version of the letter to put in his own ideas and has produced a great piece of work as a result. Keep it up Freddie!

19/11/21 This week our star of the week is Amy! Amy has been working really hard in our curriculum lessons this half term and this week, produced a brilliant piece of work describing how to survive the Stone Age. Her work is always very neat and well presented. Well done!

12/11/21 This week our star of the week is Griffin! Griffin has been working really hard on his handwriting recently and I am really proud of the excellent progress he is making. He is starting to join up his letters and his writing presentation is improving. Well done, keep it up!

05/11/21 This week our star of the week is Yoann! I was really impressed with Yoann's double page spread all about The Bronze Age. He really took his time with his writing and presentation and has produced a great piece of work as a result. Well done!

22/10/21 This week our star of the week goes to Robyn! I was really impressed by the vocabulary Robyn used when writing her descriptive story! Great job!

15/10/21 This week our star of the week is for Leo! Leo has been working really hard in Maths this week and even had an opportunity to show Mrs Davies yesterday! Keep up the good work Leo!

08/10/21 This week our star of the week is Sofia! Yesterday we looked at shades and tones of colours. Although Sofia hasn't finished her work, she took her time to gradually add white and black paint in order to create a variety of different shades and tints. Well done Sofia!

01/10/21 This week our star of the week is Beau. I was really impressed with the vocabulary Beau used in her adjectives paragraph this week and how neat her handwriting and presentation is. Well done Beau!

24/09/21 This week our star of the week is Cowen! Cowen worked really hard yesterday when writing sentences with adverbial phrases. He was so proud of the work he produced, he even showed it to Mrs Davies! Great job Cowen, keep it up!

17/09/21 This week our star of the week is Freya-Mae! I have been really impressed by Freya's maths work this week. She has been deepening her understanding through reasoning problems and helping those around her when they have found a question difficult. Well done!

10/09/21 Chestnut's first star of the week award goes to Lara. Not only did Lara create a beautiful Kintsugi inspired Japanese plate, she also spent time carefully planning her design before choosing her favourite pattern. Great work Lara, well done!


Our expectations for homework are as follows:

Reading: Reading aloud with an adult progressing to more independent reading as often as possible.

Spellings: Children should be able to spell all words on the Statutory Word Lists for years 3/4

Times Tables: Children should be able to recall all times tables to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.

Project: Each half term, children are expected to complete a project that is linked to their current topic.


See the link below for Homework Guidance for this half term.

Recommended Websites:




Read Theory

Reading Games



Spelling Frame - activities to practise spelling patterns and rules



The Quest of Comma Castle

Spelling and Grammar









Times Table Rockstars

Top Marks 7-11

Radius of the Lost Arc


Word Problems

Maths Playground -you'll need paper ready for your working out!


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Nrich - mathematical games and problems