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Curriculum 3.3.21


Our curriculum focus of Early Civilisations began last half term with the Maya and in the Autumn term we encountered the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. This half term we shall spend our curriculum sessions exploring what has become known as the 'Golden Age of Islam.' This was considered to be at a peak around 900AD (a time where Mayan civilisation was strong in Mexico and Central America, and when the Anglo Saxons and Vikings were aiming to have an influence in Britain).


Create your own timeline for the Early Islamic Civilisation.

Many people have different opinions and thoughts about what is important throughout history (shown through your 'Diamond 9' activity on Monday and some of the different inventions people kept in their top 9) and so we would like you to explore the various timelines and important events on these documents.

You need to choose which events you think were influential and interesting in the Early Islamic Civilisation and put these onto your timeline. You can lay this out how you would like. There is a blank timeline to use if you wish and some pictures to inspire your layout.


It must have:

  • Dates
  • Descriptions of the events
  • At least 10 events
  • Events placed correctly on the timeline


It could have:

  • A timeline to scale to show how far apart events were (e.g. 1cm = 10 years)
  • Pictures to help explain the events
  • Colour to make it eye-catching and easy to read


Have a look at these existing versions of the key events of the Early Islamic Civilisation.


Use either the blank timeline or the images below to inspire your own timeline.


Use the layout of these timelines to help create your own one about the Early Islamic Civilisation.