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Below are e-safety newsletters that are sent out monthly:



The internet is an incredible resource where the children can find out information, learn and have fun but it is essential that children have the skills and knowledge needed to keep themselves safe on-line. The teaching of these skills and knowledge are an essential part of safeguarding.  


At The Pines School, we teach e-safety through our Computing and PSHE curricula. We take on 'National Safer Internet Day' each February as an opportunity to raise the profile across the school. We also believe it is important to work together with parents and children to help them understand how to keep safe and what the dangers are. 


General advice for primary aged children can be found using the link below:

Safer Internet Advice for 3-11 year olds 


Click on the link below to be directed to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) for more information on how to report inappropriate online behaviour. 




Support for Parents and Carers


Below are some links to useful websites and download parent guides for apps and toys that can be downloaded. This is not an exhaustive list, as new apps and websites are created daily. We highly recommend the use of the Net Aware website for quick and up to date evaluation of the risks around apps or games your child may be using.

Net Aware


There is a great new app for children who have mobile phones and it is really easy to install. It is a very easy way to encourage children to be safe online and think about what they are writing in their messages. It has been highly recommended by Mrs Davies! If you want more information go on:


We also recommend the Google Family Link guide on how to monitor screen time at home. 

Family Link


Websites Links and Guides

How to be a data-safe shopper with smart toys

Guide to for Parents

Guide to Kik Messenger for Parents

Guide to Youtube for Parents

Guide to Instagram for Parents                          Instagram Checklist

Guide to Snapchat for Parents                            

Guide to Roblox for Parents

Guide to Twitter for Parents                              Twitter Checklist

Guide to WhatsApp for Parents

Guide to Facebook for Parents                          Facebook Checklist

Guide to for Parents

Guide to OOvoo for Parents

Guide to Google Plus for Parents

Guide to On-line Bullying for Parents

Guide to Sexting for Parents

Information about Pokemon Go