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Early Years Curriculum

Early Years Curriculum Overview


As children are the leaders of learning in the Early Years, only a few specific topics (in black) are decided in advance, as these topics are only relevant at specific points in the year.  Throughout the year, topics will be added ‘in the moment’ depending on the children’s interests and next steps for development.  These ‘in the moment’ topics are gradually added to this overview (in blue), as they are decided upon and taught. 


It is important to remember that children have a variety of interests and needs, so topic learning may not always be suitable for particular weeks in the year.  When a topic is explored, other themes may be running alongside this. 


Where possible, high quality texts are linked to topics and used to capture the children’s interests, whilst also developing their language development.


Throughout the year, planning is sharply focused on individual children’s next steps, in relation to the age related expectations set out in Development Matters.  Learning objectives for adult led teaching are taken directly from Development Matters (please find a link to this document at the end of this page) and high-lighted off to ensure full coverage of the curriculum.  We strive to provide every child with the BEST chance at achieving the Early Learning Goals by the end of the Reception Year, ensuring that they are ready to start learning the National Curriculum in Year 1.



It is important to note that in Nursery, the Prime Areas of Learning take forefront in all planning.


To keep parents and carers fully updated about the current learning in the Early Years, we post weekly ‘What we are Learning’ letters to our class pages. Please find links to these pages below. Our Nursery Class is called Beech and our Reception Class is called Elm.