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Friday 22nd January

Please see Class Dojo for full details and tasks. 
Please use the links below to complete your daily Flashcard Speed 
Trial on Phonics Play. You can also do some Tricky Word trucks as 
well. Links to Buried Treasure and Picnic on Pluto are below too.
The full Phonics task information is on Class Dojo.

For English today you are copying out the Text Map version of the 
Motte and Bailey Report. There is a picture below to help you with 
this. You can use the same images that are shown below as this 
will help you to remember each sentence.

For Maths today you will be developing your knowledge of Adding 
More. The White Rose video link is below. You need to choose the 
second Adding More Video but to watch from 5 minutes and 
37seconds onwards. Please watch this first before completing the 
worksheet on Class Dojo.

Sumdog Maths Activity: Please log in using the link below or the 
app to complete your Maths activity by 3.30pm today. 
Unfortunately, this deadline cannot be altered. You may have to 
download the app to complete it. 

PE: Choose any physical activity you like, send a photo and write a 
sentence about it on Class Dojo.


Rocksteady Music: Join in with Rocksteady Music at 1.30-2pm! There is an information page below.

Motte and Bailey Text Map

Rocksteady Information Sheet