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Friday 29th January

Please see Class Dojo for full details and tasks.


Please use the links below to complete your daily Flashcard Speed Trial on Phonics Play. The link for Tricky Word Trucks is also below to use. The full Phonics task information is on Class Dojo.


In English today you will be using your knowledge of reports and their features to create a plan for an All About Dragons report. There is a copy of the template to fill in on Class Dojo and below.


In Maths today you will be continuing your work on finding the difference between two numbers. There is a worksheet to complete on Class Dojo. There is another worksheet on here and Class Dojo for extra subtraction practice.


There is an additional reading activity explained in more detail on Class Dojo. If you cannot print from Class Dojo please directly message Miss Higgs who can send you the sheet.


For PE today, you can write a sentence about your favourite activity that you have completed this week. And say why it was your favourite.

English Resources

(Optional) Extra Subtraction Practice