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HA June


There are three separate tasks on the powerpoint below. Each links to a video to inspire. Please choose one to complete each day.



Yesterday we learnt how to to calculate the mean average.

There are two steps:

1) Add up all the numbers

2) Divide by the amount of numbers you have.



Watch the video link below. We shared this story at the start of the year so it may be familiar.

Draw around a circle object (e.g. mug, small plate).

Start with a dot and see what you can do to decorate the circle. Please bring this in as we will add this to a whole school display. 

You can use a medium you like: pencils, biro, felt tips, crayons.

It could be patterns (you could look at Zentangles for ideas of patterns). 

It could be pictures.

It could be colourful or black and white.

You could even create this on computer rather than paper if you prefer.