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Isolation and Remote Learning

English 12th - 14th May

You are first going to plan, then write and finally edit a fictional biography. I have researched and written about the life of Neil Armstrong (factual) but you are going to write about the first person to go to Mars (fictional as this has not happened).


Have a look at the teacher planning before doing your own. This should be notes about the key events in your character's life. You could present it similar to the planning sheet provided or in another way if you prefer. I have specified in class that the fictional person should still be living at the time of writing the biography (you will need to imagine you are in the year 2050!).


Then look at my model text and use this to help write your own. I recommend doing this in two sittings, with time to read aloud and edit afterward. Good luck. I look forward to reading the finished biography.


Maths 12th - 14th May

We have been learning about angles. Over the course of three days, can you learn the different angle types and how to use a protractor (online)? Good luck!





Create a factfile or report about the 8 planets in the solar system. It should be at least one A4 page but not more than 2. This can be handwritten or created on tablet or computer. The research websites are on our phase page (below).