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Learning at Home

School is now closed and for everyone a whole new way of life is beginning.


As a school, we want to support families and children with being able to learn from home. There are many ways in which we can do this and we are currently investigating different options moving forward. We do not want to rush into decisions and want to ensure that parents (and children) are not overloaded with too many choices and options initially.

Stay In Touch

If you would like to share photos of your child learning at home or of any of the work they produce, please send an email to By sending a photo to this address, you are giving permission for the photo to be posted on our school website or on Twitter.


Have a look at photos of our fabulous children working hard at home by clicking on the link below:

All children have packs of work to complete from school. These were designed to last approximately 10 days and contain a range of different tasks and ideas as well as log-ins for Times Tables Rock Stars (Year 2 upwards) and Read Theory (Year 1 upwards).


Regardless of what other activities your child may complete, the most important thing they can do is READ! Read widely: read from different sources, read for information, read different styles, read to promote imagination, just READ!


If you need ideas of other books to read, have a look at these recommendations:

Learning Ideas

We are recommending some external links to help with ideas for learning at home:

We have also put together a list of additional websites with games and activities to support learning at home.

Some top tips for making learning at home successful:

~ Make a space for learning where the child can concentrate

~ Set aside some regular time for learning each day

~ Some children may find it helpful to have a 'timetable' - see link below for ideas

~ Ensure there are sufficient breaks and that learning is done in short, manageable chunks

~ Don't worry if your child is not able to complete a task

~ Try not to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of educating your child at home - we are here to support you and remember that every family in the country is in the same situation

~ Tackle this challenge together as a family - make it shared learning where possible

~ Be kind to each other and have some fun!

Additional Activities

We also have a range of activities that can be printed that support English and Maths learning for each year group. There is an activity pack as well as answers to support parents. There are also excellent ideas for practical activities for each year group. Click on the link below to be able to access all these resources.

Class Webpages

There are also learning ideas on individual class pages: