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Remote Learning

Remote Learning


As of January 2021, we are again in a National Lockdown and schools are closed to all children except the children of critical workers and those eligible for a priority place. This means that most children are learning remotely from home. 


The information on this page details what we are doing to ensure we are meeting the DfE requirement for Remote Learning as detailed in the following guidance: 


For a more detailed explanation of our Remote Learning provision and the rationale behind the approach we have taken, please read the document below: 

ClassDojo - Our Remote Learning Platform

For children in Years 1-6, ClassDojo is the Learning Platform we are using to communicate information and learning tasks remotely. Each child has their own individual account that can be viewed by parents as well. Learning tasks are set on each child's 'portfolio' and teachers are available to give feedback on learning completed. ClassDojo also has a messaging feature that can be used for any questions. Teachers are also able to post messages or videos within the Class Story of ClassDojo, providing an easy way to communicate with the class as a whole.

In Early Years, we use Tapestry to communicate learning tasks and for teachers and parents to share each child's learning journey.

Remote Learning Expectations

During this lockdown, the government have increased the expectations on schools in terms of the remote learning provided. The government's expectation is for primary aged children to complete 3-4 hours of remote learning daily (depending on the age of the child) and for the learning children receive to mirror the school's normal curriculum. 


We have high expectations of all our children and want all children to access remote learning and to make progress in their learning during this period of lockdown. Our staff are working extremely hard to ensure that the remote learning tasks they are setting are high quality, accessible for the children and ensure that learning progresses. We also have a responsibility to follow-up any children who are not engaging in remote learning. However...


We also know that remote learning for many families is a significant challenge. We recognise the difficulties associated with access to technology, juggling the needs of multiple children, parents being able to also work from home, motivating children to learn away from the normal school environment to name just a few. Whilst we will set high expectations for the remote learning tasks, we want to support families and acknowledge that every family's situation is different. No child will be punished if they do not complete learning tasks but we are keen to offer anything we can to try to make the remote learning situation easier. Please do ask if you are struggling. 


We have created a page specifically to support well-being at this time:

What learning will be set?

Every year group has a daily Zoom call during the morning enabling children to check-in with one of their year group teachers and to have their daily tasks set. This call is an opportunity for teachers to explain the learning tasks and to give feedback on previous learning tasks completed. It also enables children to see their friends and to still feel connected to the school community. Please do everything you can to enable your child to participate in these calls. (Zoom can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.)


Children will also have a number of daily learning tasks set via ClassDojo. In general, these will include a daily maths task and an English task plus another area of the school curriculum. Children will also be set some reading comprehension tasks during the week (from Year 2 upwards) and children in Early Years and KS1 will also receive phonics tasks. We also expect children to complete independent reading, to continue with learning their times tables (including using Times Tables Rockstars) from Year 2 upwards and to work on their spellings.


In Early Years, tasks are set using Tapestry. These tasks will include learning activities related to phonics, handwriting, maths and other curriculum areas. Due to the age of the children, there will also be practical activities that can be completed using simple household resources. Children at this age need to focus in short bursts and have plenty of breaks. They also learn huge amounts through speaking about their experiences and listening to adults model language. Simply talking to your child about the activities they are undertaking will support their learning.


There are also extra resources on class webpages and also on the Remote Learning Websites page. There are links to these pages further down.


We want our remote learning to be as high quality as possible and we welcome feedback to help us review, monitor and improve our provision. If you are struggling to support your child with their remote learning, please do contact your child's class teacher.


We have created guides for parents to help with access to the various programmes we are using. These can be found by clicking on the link below.

Feel Good Friday

From Friday 5th February, we are introducing Feel Good Friday with a different feel to the activities set, focusing on creativity, shared activities within families, well-being and time away from screens. 

For more information, please see the details on our well-being page

Access to Technology

We want all children to be able to access remote learning if needed. If children do not have access to a laptop or other device and/or the internet, we will do everything we can as a school to support families and provide paper packs of learning. Parents are reminded of the importance of letting us know of any barriers to accessing home learning so that we can ensure appropriate support is in place.

Our Lockdown Ladder

At The Pines, we are committed to providing a high quality education for all children whether they are in school or whether they are learning remotely. This Lockdown Ladder shows the learning provision offered by the school for children at different stages of self-isolation/lockdown. 

Class Webpages

There are also learning ideas on individual class pages:


Lockdown Learning

The provision we provided during the initial lockdown has now moved and it is within the link below. Everything is still there though if you want to access any of the resources or ideas. There is also the link to our weekly writing tasks that ran during the Summer of 2020.

Lockdown Legacy

At the end of lockdown, we asked all of our school community to contribute to a 'Gallery of Silver Linings'. We received paintings, drawings, poetry, photography and even knitting to celebrate the positive elements of our lockdown experiences.

You can see photos of some of the work here:

Stay In Touch

During lockdown we have received a huge number of photos of children learning at home via the e-mail address. We are going to keep this e-mail account open so that you can continue to share photos of learning or other activities at home. It has been a great way to stay in touch. 


Have a look at photos of our fabulous children working hard at home by clicking on the link below:

We hope you enjoy watching our staff videos:

Don't Give Up: We miss you all!

Happy Summer: Have a lovely break! 

The Home Hero 2.6 Challenge

During the week of 27th April, we challenged you to take part in the 2.6 challenge. Find out more by looking at the assembly: 

Well done to everyone who completed the challenge - see below for photos!