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Lockdown Learning

Lockdown Learning


This page has a record of our provision for remote learning during lockdown. 



Children from Reception to Year 2 will have tasks set on the Phonics Play website. The tasks can be found in the EYFS Weekly Challenge letter (sent each Monday) or on the Year 1 and 2 class pages. 



Children from Year R to Year 6 will have books assigned to them to read on GetEpic Reading and there will be quizzes to complete too. There are also thousands of other books to choose from to read! Log-ins can be found in the Summer term Curriculum Newsletter.

You may also want to read this book about corona virus with your child:



Each week, there will be a new writing task on our Weekly Writing page. These tasks are for children from Year 1 to Year 6. See link below:


All children from Year 1 to Year 6 will have tasks set for them on MyMaths that teachers can monitor. You need the school username and password plus individual log-ins to access the learning portal. These are being provided to families individually by phone call or e-mail.

School username: thepines    School password: thepines

Also, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 can use Numbots to practise their number skills. This uses the same log-in details as Times Tables Rockstars which children from Year 2 to Year 6 can use to practise their times tables. 


Challenge Grids

Each week there will be a new home learning challenge grid on each phase webpage. These grids include activities and tasks linked to a whole variety of curriculum areas and are great fun to do.


BBC Live Lessons

The BBC are broadcasting live lessons each day for children across the primary age range and in a variety of different subjects. There are guides and activity sheets to go alongside many of them. You can check them out and take part here: 

Also, there are lots of videos and lessons online already:


More Learning Ideas

We are recommending some external links to help with ideas for learning at home as well as having a whole host of extra learning activities for each year group that can be printed:

If you do nothing else...

Regardless of what other activities your child may complete, the most important thing they can do is READ! Read widely: read from different sources, read for information, read different styles, read to promote imagination, just READ!



If you need ideas of other books to read, have a look at these recommendations:

Some top tips for making learning at home successful:

~ Make a space for learning where the child can concentrate

~ Set aside some regular time for learning each day

~ Some children may find it helpful to have a 'timetable' - see link below for ideas

~ Ensure there are sufficient breaks and that learning is done in short, manageable chunks

~ Don't worry if your child is not able to complete a task

~ Try not to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of educating your child at home - we are here to support you and remember that every family in the country is in the same situation

~ Tackle this challenge together as a family - make it shared learning where possible

~ Be kind to each other and have some fun!