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Maths 14.1.21

Task 1: Complete 4 revision questions.

Task 2: Mark 4 revision questions.

Optional: Watch the video to understand any errors on the revision questions.

Optional: Watch the Subtracting Fractions video from yesterday to remind yourself what to do

Task 3: Complete the subtraction calculations. Show your workings - we want to see the equivalent fractions.

Task 4: Mark your work using the answers document.

Task 5: Take a photo of the marked fraction work and upload to Class Dojo in response to task.

Remember to convert to common denominators first then do the LARGEST fractions take away the smallest fraction.

Please note a couple of errors on the answer sheet.


Question 1 - The fractions need to be swapped round. The answer is the same but the fractions should be the other way round. 


Question 4 - The answer should be 3/20 and therefore cannot be simplified.