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Maths 22.2.21

Welcome back to Maths learning!

Following on from our focus on fractions last half term, we will be continuing to use this whilst exploring their connection with decimals and percentages.

Today therefore, we are going to spend our revision time recapping the values of decimals, before beginning our learning about fractions as decimals.

Follow the instructions carefully.



Step 1: Watch the video

(Ignore the pauses where it is asking you to complete questions on the worksheet)

Step 2: Play the 'Sea Life' Decimal Game.

You need to select the 'START Decimal Place Value' option. This will also test you on 'thousandths'.

Do you remember all your place values?



Step 1: Watch the video and work along with it.

(Ignore the points where it asks you to pause and complete questions for the moment. When you come to the questions you need to complete, you can always go back to that section of the video.)

Step 2: Complete questions 1- 4 and then 6 & 7.
Step 3: Mark your answers and upload to Dojo.