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Mrs Drury's Reading Journey

I am going to add the books that I read during our time of closure. If you have some of them on your bookcase at home and haven't quite got to them yet, maybe you could try them and let me know what you think! Otherwise, when we are back, there will be lots of new books you may wish to try!


What are you reading? Send me a photo with your book!


Tegan told me today about a read that sounds hilarious! 'What not to do if you turn invisible' by Ross Welford. That may need to go on my list too!


Began 20th March 2020

'Septimus Heap: Book One. Magyk' by Angie Sage

I have only just started and as an avid Harry Potter fan, I am already hooked and will need to complete the 7 books in the series! (Don't worry, I won't just read the seven in a row here!) Already there has been a mysterious baby in the snow, a suspicious missing Queen and an Assassin! 


Not long to go now! I am waiting to find out if the secret I think is the secret, is the secret!







FINISHED! Reading is all about losing yourself in another world and I enjoy fast-paced plots full of twists, magic and adventure. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 


Began 28th March 2020

’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl

I have started one of the books by my favourite author when I was about 8 years old, with my sons. We are reading a chapter or two a day and I am amazed how without too many pictures, they seem to be hooked. James can remember all about Charlie and of course that there is a chocolate factory!


We are starting Chapter 9 today. James is really enjoying it and I love to re-read books I loved and remember all the different characters and events. James' favourite part so far is Chapter 3 when Mr Willy Wonka built a palace out of chocolate for an Indian prince. I had to read it again!


Currently on Chapter 14. James enjoyed meeting Mr Willy Wonka outside his factory!







FINISHED! James really enjoyed our first chapter book together. He has remembered lots about what happened in the story and the character names. He enjoyed my very appalling attempt at a variety of character voices.


Began 1st April 2020

'The Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen

The first chapter had me again. It had a few similarities to our situation at the moment.

'I have to make myself remember what I used to see: the shops and the bustle, the cars and the people.'

'But like I said, this was all before. 

I don't see any other children anymore.'

A little like us, Ade is stuck in his flat on the seventeenth floor of his tower block. However, his reasons are a little bit different. Clues are being dropped in bit by bit to what has happened, and Ade is struggling with other sad things in his life too. I am hoping it will all turn out okay - I do love a happy ending- but I know it can't always be that way and we all have to be as positive as we can in any situation with trying our BEST, showing EXCELLENCE, keeping SAFE and working as a TEAM.

Do I think Ade will do this? I hope so!


I am loving this book! I am gripped and do not want to put it down. It is emotional but links to some of the thoughts we are having and things we are all doing to do now. I can't wait to reach the end, but I also know I will be disappointed that I have finished. It is the catch-22 of loving reading!

FINISHED! I didn’t want to stop reading this one. I was invested in what happened to the characters. I really liked Ade and wanted to know his fate!


Began 6th April

The Goldfish Boy’ by Lisa Thompson

How much do you know about what is going on in your street? How much should you know? Matthew knows a lot, as he doesn’t leave his room. There are hints so far that this is perhaps a recent thing to have happened, as his parents are pretty worried. His neighbours are not keen on his ‘staring’ out of the window but perhaps some good will come of it. I am looking forward to finding out.







FINISHED! This is quite an emotional read with some very sad and serious challenges faced with our main character Matthew. The reasons he does not leave his room are revealed during the story and are upsetting, but help to see there is a way through! :) 


Began 9th April

'Septimus Heap: Book Two. Flyte' by Angie Sage

Apologies, as I am a little late updating! I demolished 'The Goldfish Boy' in about two days! And I couldn't resist the next book in this series. I am nearly finished with this one and will add the next in my journey soon. I can't reveal too much as it may give away 'Book One'. Let's just say, the Magyk world is up for a tough time again.






FINISHED! I raced through this one and, in actual fact, I am almost at the end of my next book (mainly to try and get to book 3!). I am still enjoying the magic adventures and characters and twists and turns. There is a lot of betrayal in this one. I am going to start two books after finishing my current read as I would like to move on to the next Septimus Heap adventure!


Began 14th April

'The Song From Somewhere Else' by A.F.Harrold

Now, it is our right as the reader to not always be completely convinced about a book, or even sure if it is something we are enjoying. This story has captured me enough that I would like to reach the conclusion and the emotive language used is excellent (so some great ideas to magpie for my writing) however, my overall verdict is still out. This is a particularly deep novel, exploring relationships and our own inner courage and truth, mixed with a little unexpected secret and fantasy. I will let you know my final thoughts. It is always good to try new things in our reading as it may surprise us in terms of language or possible likes that we did not know we had!

FINISHED! This was an interesting read and regardless of the slight uncertainty I had about the plot, you can learn a lot about how the main character, Frank, realised the important things in life and how you should not change how you feel for others or make judgements based on what other people think!


Began (and finished) 17th April

'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl

After Charlie, we have started a trend! I believe I will be reliving my Roald Dahl reading journey with my son. James and the Giant Peach of course is up next!







Began 18th April

'James and the Giant Peach' by Roald Dahl

James can do a great impression so far of the character James' parents unfortunately getting eaten by a rhinoceros! Oops! 


We are a bit slower going with this one. Just over half way through and some sharks have appeared!

Nearly there! Just met some cloud people!






FINISHED! James enjoyed reading about the mini beasts in the book as we had been building a bug hotel and learning about bees and spiders too. I think he preferred the story of 'Charlie' but this was still one that, once we started reading, he wanted the next chapter and the next, to find out what would happen.


Began 20th April

'The Girl of Ink and Stars' by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

I am not any further than the blurb yet as I am also reading another book alongside this one that I will tell you about a little further on into the term, so this may take me a little longer than usual. However, I am intrigued by the first line in the inside cover, 'Forbidden to leave her island...'

Why? Enough said to make me want to find out!


I am about half way through. I am squeezing in a few less pages after the holidays so it is taking a little longer to finish a book. There is a lot of mystery in this one and an epic journey is about to begin. I am excited to find out what happens.







FINISHED! This was another quite deep read, thinking about relationships between characters and how all our actions impact our life and world. There is both hope and sadness in this one but I still feel it had a good ending and interesting plot and setting.


Began 2nd May

'Septimus Heap: Book Three. Physik' by Angie Sage

I am sorry and not sorry! I love this easy read, magical adventure series. There are some great little phrases that could suit lots of writing too. I liked this description of a ship: 'The barge was decked out in flags that fluttered in a wind that had died long ago; it was painted in swirling patterns of gold and silver and covered in a rich red canopy, strung from ornate pillars of gold.' It made it sound particular grand! 

A mysterious ghost is let loose from a sealed room at the beginning of this adventure. Rooms are sealed for a reason I think!

FINISHED! I just love this series! I am a little sad now as I have book 5, 6 and 7 on my hallway table, but I couldn't find book 4! I may have to see if I can find a second hand copy. This one has left an important character not where they should be. I want to know if they will return safely. I always like a happy ending.


Began 11th May

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

This was on my pile of books to read anyway, but after Euan told me he was currently reading it too and was enjoying it, I thought this had to be my next choice. A very unique beginning of a criminal mastermind 12 year old and fairy police. I am liking where this is going so far!

FINISHED! Euan is already a few more books into the series, however, he has told me one of my favourite characters is still in it so when I have a moment, and after my ever growing pile of books I would like to read gets a bit smaller, I will continue. I always enjoying finding out what happens next to characters I have enjoyed reading about. (As you can see from my half term pick!)


Began 22nd May

'Septimus Heap: Book Four. Queste' by Angie Sage

I found a copy! I couldn't resist. I have enjoyed many a sunny afternoon in our garden and continued the journey of Septimus Heap. I really enjoy how the author, Angie Sage, always puts a little extra at the end of each of her books. As this is a seven book series, you meet lots of characters and some reappear or perhaps are only read about briefly in the essential part they play to the plot. Sometimes, there is just not the time or the right place to expand on the stories of these characters. At the end there is a section that has subtitles of some of these, and the author explains a little more about their beginnings and what happened after they left the novel. I enjoy having the loose ends tied up. 

FINISHED! I have the final three books in the series sitting on my side. There was not a particular cliffhanger left in this one, however, there are a couple of characters who have had major changes in their life and so maybe we shall see how this impacts their choices and actions. One character, who made a pretty big mistake in the second novel, is hoping that he can make amends at some point. I hope that perhaps they do get a second chance!


Began 1st June

'Letters From The Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll

Since our exploration of 'A Child's War' in the Autumn term, Mrs Hardy and Mrs Moorby-Lewis have told me I need to read this book! I will begin tomorrow and let you know how it goes. 

FINISHED! Well, the recommendation was a good one! This had a brilliant mystery that kept me guessing to the end, which I have to say as quite an avid book reader and watcher of TV and film, is quite hard to do sometimes. The links to the World War and the suffering that people had to endure, alongside the pure heroism of some, was inspiring to read. I would definitely pass this recommendation on, especially as a lot of you really enjoyed our 'A Child's War' learning.


Began and finished in amongst 'Letters From the LightHouse'

'Septimus Heap: Book Five. 'Syren' by Angie Sage


'Septimus Heap: Book Six. 'Darke' by Angie Sage



Began 26th June

'Septimus Heap: Book Seven. 'Fyre' by Angie Sage

So what can I say? The current quote on our class page is very relevant to me right now with this series. I NEED to finish the journey of Septimus before I move in. This is the last book. Seven is a Magykl number.

I have also discovered that the characters I love reading about may appear in another trilogy. I think I may try and read some others on my list first before I begin another set of books I become a little addicted to!


Began 24th June

'The BFG' by Roald Dahl

James has chosen 'The BFG' for our next adventure together. He is beginning to read short books himself so it is nice to read a longer novel with language and exciting plots for him to discover. I am going to look for some other suitable books to try after this one and then come back to Roald Dahl. He is enjoying this one though and I find him in the living room sometimes sneaking a peek at the illustrations later on in the book. He wants to know what they are all about!