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Need help with Get Epic or MyMaths?

Get Epic


With some struggle but a lot of perseverance, I have managed to upload some videos to help with some of the aspects of GetEpic you may still be struggling with. More and more of you are reading the assignments or looking at GetEpic but not everyone has managed to complete the quizzes yet.


Please forgive my technological skills here! I have not recorded from the screen, but have recorded the screen, so a little fuzzy. However, it is hopefully enough to see what is going on. I hope it helps!


This clip shows you how to log in, find your assignments and complete the quizzes!

I have used a new 'pretend' class for this. You will need our class code, which you can find in the Summer Curriculum Newsletter or send me an email using!

Hopefully I will see more and more quiz attempts now!


This clip will show you, how on a laptop, if you have two browser tabs open, you can see the quiz and questions at the same time!




I believe most of us are accessing MyMaths and completing your tasks set. Well done! If you are still wondering how to retry or see the lesson again (or for the first time!) use the information below!