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Need To Knows This Week! 

Our last week of term!

Enjoy your last full week of Year 5! I hope that you all received your reports and class list information last week and that you are happy and proud of what you have achieved, along with knowing the sort of start you wish to have in September.

It is been a unique year and it will a unique September. Your ability to adapt to this current situation and how you are all dealing with the changes and looses around you is astounding and makes me so proud to be your teacher for another 7 official school days!


It is still ...

Plastic Free July

1st -31st July

This is a month calling for people around the world to say 'NO' to single use plastic!

I am sure there are lots of you working on your 'Lockdown Legacy' art pieces and one is a focus on nature and our environment, that in a lot of places has had a little bit of a breather from the population and pollution of the humans and their activities.

Let's try and do all we can to keep it that way, as a few more restrictions are lifted.

Unfortunately, a minority of people have already found this difficult and I am sure you have seen on the news the litter on the beaches and in parks and landmarks where large groups gathered for various reasons.

I always remember Mrs Hick's assembly during this times, as I get very angry about the actions of the few sometimes.

However, Mrs Hicks told us, 'It is not about others being kind, it is about you choosing to be kind.'

That is the same in situations like these. Everyone thinks that if they are the only ones choosing to do the right thing, it is pointless.

Well, that attitude is pointless!

All big things came from the action or idea of one!

Be that one that uses your kindness to inspire and help others. Use the anger that has and will come from the actions and choices of others and turn it into a positive for wanting to help change!

Use the website to explore. A month is a long time, so like Mrs Davies' assembly last week, take a small step to begin a habit.

Can you do a day, then a week and then maybe a month without one of the single use plastics you use?

Let me know!


  • DON'T FORGET: By 9am each Monday morning, everything you need for the week can be found on our Phase Page, Elder Class Page, Learning at Home page and GetEpic and MyMaths. All the explanations for the tasks can be found in the Elder Weekly Learning section on this page. Our web pages do change so please check regularly. 


  • REMEMBER! Remind your parents to always check their emails. You had reports, class lists and your gathering invitation sent out last week. Check all those details.


  • Thank you for the great Zoom scavenger hunt this week. I look forward to a few 'games' this week and your Charades choices.


  • I have added a 'CURRENT MATHS HELP' icon to our class page. This has a few links to some extra help or revision pages and some games to practise your skills based on the topic area this week, and some for previous weeks!


  • Our learning theme this week is 'Healthy Body/Healthy Mind.' This is very important in our current situation! I know I need to focus a lot on this over the summer. Lots of time in front of my computer and lazy dinners needs changing! wink


  • I am continuing my reading journey and will update regularly and I am still hoping to hear what you have all been enjoying!  I would love some recommendations to add to my list! I will update this later this week as a few to add!