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Need To Knows This Week! 


Walk to School Week!  

This would have been the week for our annual 'Walk to School Week' where we encourage as many people as possible to get to school without using a fuel powered vehicle! Walking, running, cycling, scooting or roller skating were all permitted!

With keeping safe and social distancing still in the heart of your mind, perhaps you could aim to get out and about at least once each day! I know a lot of you have taken some very lengthy cycle rides already.


Mental Health Awareness Week

There are a few different organisations who focus on this at different times of the year. It is always important to be aware of your mental health, along with supporting those around you.

The easiest way to do this is to always be kind - the theme for this year! 

Have a look at what it is all about here:

And also on our Learning at Home page where we have a link to some BBC mindfulness activities!


The start of National Smile Month!

(I do not have a cat, but this was the only one I could find I liked that showed me brushing my teeth!)

As dentists are also a place we are not visiting, it is important to be on top of our mouth hygiene for all sorts of different reasons - not least to give dazzling smiles to all those you see (2 metres away!) You just never know, or realise, how much a smile can brighten someone's day!

Check it all out here:


National Limerick Day! (Was12th May) 

I am going to leave this here, as I did not add my limerick! I will continue to work on it!


  • DON'T FORGET: By 9am each Monday morning, everything you need for the week can be found on our Phase Page, Elder Class Page, Learning at Home page and GetEpic and MyMaths. All the explanations for the tasks can be found in the Elder Weekly Learning section on this page. Our web pages do change so please check regularly. 


  • Thank you for all my lovely phone conversations I have with you each week. It really does brighten my day to hear about all the wonderful things you are getting up to at home! Even just a 'hello' and 'I am fine' is enough! As we said last week with all the media headlines, there are lots of changes happening at the moment. Do remember to talk to those at home about these and feel free (parents and Elder members!) to ask me anything during our calls. I cannot promise I will provide any answers, but I will be able to guide you on where to seek advice - or even just listen, which can be a great help. With the rules changing, please keep yourselves safe at all times!


  • With great work from Mrs Moorby-Lewis and Mrs Hardy class pages, you may see that over the weeks I have had a little rearrangement of our one! I am loving my links to new pages. This week I have worked on the 'Recommended websites' section! Take a look at the different sections! I have added a few more websites and suggestions too! (Thank you Year 5/6 team!)                                          
  •  If you do struggle with any of the new concepts of Maths that you are learning about, either use the recommended websites, or those suggested on the 'Learning at Home' page to complete some extra practise or send me an email and I can help!


  • I am continuing my reading journey and will update regularly and I am still hoping to hear what you have all been enjoying! I would love some recommendations to add to my list!


  • Enjoy your last week before a half term break!