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Year 2

Mrs. Crocker


Welcome to our class page. While school  is closed, we still want to stay in touch. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and share photos.

While you are at home, one of the most important things you can do is read, read and read again!     

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Packs of Learning

You have all got your packs of learning that were sent home from school. These are designed to last two school weeks.


Each day, try to:

  • Read some of your reading book out loud to a grown up
  • Complete 1 English activity, for example a reading comprehension or a 'Mr Whoops' activity
  • Complete 1 Maths activity, for example a telling the time lesson or a number game
  • Complete 1 other learning activity from the grid of suggestions or from your science booklet


There are full lists of all of the English and Maths activities in your pack.


Don’t forget to send us photos of you learning or of your completed work to


Perhaps you could send a photo of you reading one of your reading books and share a comment about what you are enjoying about the book?



Current Challenge


Your next challenge is dancing! Challenge yourself to create a dance routine to your favourite song. Perhaps you could teach it to someone in your family. Send me your pictures or videos!


The next word challenge is to find out what the word 'dusk'  means and use it as many times as possible over the next few days. Can you write it in a sentence? 


Send in your best examples - they can be serious, funny, silly or plain ridiculous!


Home Learning

Home Learning 1
Home Learning 2
Home Learning 3
Home Learning 4
Home Learning 5
Home Learning 6
Home Learning 7
Home Learning 8
Home Learning 9
Home Learning 10 Fantastic research from Beau
Home Learning 11


Recommended Websites: - quickfire number games to help children learn basic number facts - Number games to reinforce the concept of place value - Fun songs with actions to teach many learning concepts in English, Maths and other subjects. This is my new favourite resource! - Loads of story telling, poetry and punctuation short films to watch. - Useful Maths short films to watch. Fractions and telling the time would be particularly good ones to try. - Games from any of the Maths categories will really help your child practise skills they have learnt at school. - great game for learning common exception words.