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Other curriculum areas

Here are some suggestions for external websites that support learning in other curriculum areas:




A huge range of activities, videos and suggestions to support science learning - many of which are free!


Staying Active - PE

Joe Wicks is offering live physical activities that can be done at home each weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel 'The Body Coach TV'


Music & Dance

Learn the robot song and dance (with signing) and even upload your own version for a chance to feature in a BBC Bring the Noise video. Don't forget to send the video to us too at 



Easy-to-follow videos to show you how to draw a character or simple object. A new one is released every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. Share your efforts on Twitter #DrawWithRob and of course with us!


Yoga - PE

Join in with Cosmic Yoga activities to improve flexibility, strength and to aid relaxation.