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Pastoral & Coronavirus Support

Sometimes, children can experience new situations, feelings and emotions they do not always understand.


This can be very stressful and confusing and it can stop them taking part in learning and fully enjoying school life. 


This might make them feel bad about themselves and change their relationships with friends, teachers and parents – which can be confusing for them too!


At the Pines, we don’t just teach subjects, we help young children to develop skills to grow.  The Pines is now pleased to be able to offer pastoral support using the ELSA system in areas including:


  • Emotional awareness
  • Anger
  • Loss & grief
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Friendships
  • Self-esteem


Our Pastoral Lead, Mr Naylor (pictured below), offers a listening ear to our children who feel sad, angry, are having anxious thoughts or just feeling “wobbly”.  He helps them recognise, understand, manage and express challenging emotions in “The Retreat” – our dedicated nurture place.


Family Support


If you need support as an adult or for your family, please visit our Family Support pages covering topics such as:


  • Help with Parenting
  • Children's First Aid
  • English Language skills
  • Managing Your Health
  • Managing your Money
  • Managing Stress
  • Free school meals