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Photos of learning at home

When I created this page in March, I never would have believed that I would still be uploading photos in July! The learning that our children have completed at home has been incredible and it has been so lovely to receive so many messages and photos to help us stay in touch! 


Friday 17th July

It is the final day of our learning at home. Our children are still busy!

Thursday 16th July

It has been a lovely sunny day today. I wonder if anyone has been learning outside...

Wednesday 15th July

Thank you for sending in more of your learning today!

Tuesday 14th July

Well done everyone for keeping going with your learning at home!

Monday 13th July

This week we are learning about sports and food with our theme of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Friday 10th July

It's the end of another busy week. Well done for some amazing learning this week!

Thursday 9th July

There has been some great learning going on this week. The children have loved finding out about rainforest animals!

Wednesday 8th July

It is a very wet day today so I expect a lot of our children will be learning inside!

Tuesday 7th July

It has been lovely seeing more work linked to Rainforest today.

Monday 6th July

Today marks the start of our week on Rainforests. I am sure this will be a popular topic for our learning!

Friday 3rd July

We have reached the end of another week. Well done for all your hard work on your learning!

Thursday 2nd July

It's been another busy day and it is lovely to see what everyone has been doing at home!

Wednesday 1st July

The final month of the school year! Everyone seems to be enjoying this week's Under The Sea theme!

Tuesday 30th June

I can't believe that today is the last day of June! I wonder what learning will be sent in today...

Monday 29th June

This week's theme is 'Under the Sea'. I am wondering what underwater adventures will be had with our learning at home this week!

Friday 26th June

We've reached the end of another busy week with more great learning as always! Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 25th June

I think everyone has been sheltering from the heat today as it has been so hot but it has still been lovely to see some learning!

Wednesday 24th June

It's another hot day! I wonder what learning will be going on today - or whether everyone will just be playing in the shade!


Tuesday 23rd June

The sun is shining and it is certainly going to be a warm day today! It's lovely to see our children enjoying learning outside smiley

Monday 22nd June

Welcome to another new week! This week's theme is Transport so I'm looking forward to seeing what photos get sent in this week.

Friday 19th June

Our final day on our space theme. The learning this week has been 'out of this world'!

Thursday 18th June

It has turned out to be a very wet day today but it has been lovely to have some photos of our children learning at home to brighten up the day!

Wednesday 17th June

There has been some fantastic space learning going on this week!

Tuesday 16th June

Another busy week for our families at home and lovely to see all the different learning going on.

Monday 15th June

As we are welcoming more children back in to school, we are receiving fewer photos of children learning at home but it is still great to see what it is going on.

Friday 12th June

The end of another week! What brilliant work we have been sent! smiley

Thursday 11th June

It is a very rainy day today so I am not expecting many outdoor photos! I hope everyone is still having a good day though!

Wednesday 10th June

The middle of the week and it is still great to see everyone's learning from home!

Tuesday 9th June

It is lovely to still be receiving photos of all the different learning and activities you are completing at home. Keep it up!

Monday 8th June

This week's theme is Music so I am looking forward to seeing what musical home learning is sent in this week.

Friday 5th June

We have reached the end of another very busy week. Have a lovely weekend everyone smiley

Thursday 4th June

It is lovely to see the variety of learning being completed at home.

Wednesday 3rd June

Well done everyone who is working so hard at home on their learning! We are still receiving some great photos!

Tuesday 2nd June

It has been great seeing some of the learning on this week's theme of Around The World!

Monday 1st June

Welcome back to the last half term of the school year!

May Half Term

It has been great to see what a few of our children have been getting up to over half term!

Friday 22nd May

The final day of this half term and, as always, we have been receiving photos of our wonderful children learning at home. Have a great half term break everyone!

Thursday 21st May

I am loving seeing all the photos of children having fun outside, enjoying the sunshine and learning new skills!

Wednesday 20th May

Today is National Read to Your Siblings day. I wonder if we will get any photos of brothers and sisters reading together!

Tuesday 19th May

It was a quiet day yesterday on the e-mails so I am wondering what photos of great learning we will receive today!

Monday 18th May

Another new week. This is Mental Health Awareness week and if we had been in school together we would have been having a week focusing on well-being. I hope everyone will be considering their well-being as they complete their learning at home.

Friday 15th May

We have reached the end of another busy week! I hope you all have a lovely weekend smiley

Thursday 14th May

Again the sun is shining and I am looking forward to seeing today's learning at home!

Wednesday 13th May

It's the middle of the week and there's still lots of great learning going on!

Tuesday 12th May

It is lovely to see the wide variety of learning taking place at home: reading, maths, science, art, history... The list is endless!

Monday 11th May

The beginning of a new week and I am wondering what amazing learning at home you will all be doing this week!

Friday 8th May - VE Day

Today it is a Bank Holiday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day which signified the end of World War II. Even though we can't be together, many families are still marking the occasion by decorating their houses, having picnics in the garden and reflecting on the contribution our armed services have made to our lives over the years.

Thursday 7th April

Thank you for all the messages and photos you are continuing to send in. It is great to be able to share all the amazing learning that is going on.

Wednesday 6th May

Another beautiful sunny day and some great learning going on! Well done everyone! 


Tuesday 5th May

The sun is shining and I can hear the birds singing. I wonder what wonderful learning I will be seeing today!

Monday 4th May

The start of a new week and everyone has been busy sending in their learning!

Friday 1st May

We are now nearing the end of our second week of the Summer term. Well done for all the great learning at home and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 30th April

Another day of 'April showers' it seems but I'm looking forward to seeing all the learning that takes place today!

Wednesday 29th April

Goodness me, it has been a busy day today! So many children have entered the 2.6 challenge AND we've received some great photos of other learning at home! Well done everyone!

Tuesday 28th April

Our first wet, rainy day in a very long time and I think the rain may have put a lot of people off any outdoor activities. But there's still been some great learning taking place!

Monday 27th April

Welcome to a new week! I am loving the look of some of the challenges on the phase webpages this week and am looking forward to seeing some more amazing photos of you all learning at home!

Friday 24th April

We have reached the end of the first week of the Summer Term and it has been wonderful receiving so many e-mails and photos this week! Have a lovely weekend smiley

Thursday 23rd April

We are continuing to receive some lovely photos of learning at home. It is also great to hear how many children are enjoying their phone conversations with their teachers and working hard on their GetEpic reading and MyMaths! Great work everyone! yes

Wednesday 22nd April

The middle of the week and we are still hearing great things about all the learning going on at home. Keep up the excellent effort! 

Tuesday 21st April

We are all getting back into the routine of term time even though we are not at school together! It has been great hearing about all the learning that has been going on and receiving some photos too!

Monday 20th April

Welcome back to the Summer term! It has been a strange (and very quiet) start to the Summer term but lovely to hear from some of our families.

Friday 3rd April

The last day of the school term but what a strange end of term it has been! We have loved seeing everyone's learning from home and hope all our families have a happy and safe Easter break.

Thursday 2nd April

It was a slightly quieter day on the e-mail account yesterday. Can't wait to see what will arrive today...

Wednesday 1st April

April Fool's day today but our learning photos show that everyone is still working hard and making the most out of the time at home!


Tuesday 31st March

The sun is out, I am watching the birds in my garden and I am waiting to see the amazing learning that you will be getting up to today!

Monday 30th March

The start of another week of learning at home. Unfortunately not so much sunshine today but we are still looking forward to seeing photos of everything you are getting up to at home this week! A few families even sent in photos from the weekend smiley

Friday 27th March

The end of our first week of school being closed and we have all been so impressed by the learning taking place at home. Maybe some parents would like to train as teachers...? It has been great being in touch with so many of our families over e-mail! 

Thursday 26th March

We have all been so impressed by the number of photos and messages we are receiving each day. It's great to see everyone working hard on their learning at home but also enjoying time together as a family, time outside and time relaxing.

Wednesday 25th March

Another beautiful, sunny day and it has been lovely to receive more e-mails and photos of the incredible work everyone is doing at home. So many families have embraced this new way of life so brilliantly and are working together to be their BEST!

Tuesday 24th March

Our e-mail address has been filling up fast today of amazing pictures of children learning at home! Well done everyone - keep up the great effort!

Monday 23rd March

A great selection of photos from our first day of learning at home including the new 3 Rs: Reading, Riding bikes and Rainbows!!! Well done everyone smiley

Amazing effort from these boys learning at home! yes