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Judaism - Life After Death



Lesson 1 if you missed it on Friday.

The Jewish writings the Torah say very little about what happens to Jews after they die. In this lesson we will ook at a few verses that tell us a little bit about what might happen and some of the key ideas that most Jews have.  As we go through the slides to learn about Jewish faith, record unknown / new vocabulary and explore this at the end using the internet.


Go through slides 1 -5 to find out about what most Jews believe. ‘The Talmud or Jewish laws state that Shabbat (the Holy day) is a taste of the world to come’  Discuss what does this mean?


Some Jews might believe in a life after death with God and some Jews believe that God would judge people and those not living by Gods rules would go to hell.  Sheol – is thought to be a place were Jews wait before judgement takes place.  The Torah says ‘As a cloud fades away so whoever goes down to sheol doesn’t come up’ discuss how you would live if you were Jewish and you believed this.

Lesson 2

How are the Jewish beliefs in death expressed at funerals?

Watch - this explains the events that take place during a Jewish funeral.

A series of events takes place after a Jewish person dies and this sequence of events is always the same and has specific times to take place. 

Use the activity with the different events on and read through and create your own timeline of the events that take place after a Jewish person dies.


Jewish custom is not to lay flowers on the grave but instead to lay stones. Watch the video  to learn why they do this.


What do you think of this custom?