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Each week, we will be setting two books for you to read on the website 'Get Epic'. The texts we choose will usually, although not always, link to the topics we would have been doing had we been at school. There will then be a quiz of ten questions for you to complete about each text. Look carefully at the title and the questions, as these will tell you which pages to read (it won't always be the whole book). 

Class code: qah6752


Unfortunately, you won't be able to keep the pages open when answering the questions so we have added the questions to the phase 5/6 page on the school website (link below). It's best if you copy these down so you can note the answers as you read. If you get less than 75%, have another go.


In addition to the assigned books and questions, feel free to check out any of the other books that interest you on this website. There's hundreds and they're all available for you to read online. 


If you have any book recommendations, let me know via the Rowan class email address:


Week Commencing 4th May

What do you know about evolution and classification?   D-Day