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My current read is a book I have on loan from a kind bookworm. It's a young adult (YA) book, set in a fictitious time but so far I think there are parallels between this and how some people were persecuted during WW2. So far, I've really enjoyed it and am finding it difficult to put down and go to sleep!


The Last Post' is a short book about WW1 written in the style of letters and diary entries. It was an emotional read and made me feel grateful for the time I live in - even with the challenges of lockdown as these are minor in comparison.


'When We Were Warriors' is made up of three short stories, each linked to WW2. I really like this author as she's so clever to incorporate the historical facts within her stories. There are also some little links in here to other books she's written.


I finally finished 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell. The story is following the adventures of a group of children have crash landed in the Amazon Rainforest and are having to work out how to survive; I think the characters are coped a lot better than I would in that situation!


I read 'The Day I Met the Queen' the week I was in school with the children of Key Workers in May - this is a sequel and reminded me how much I loved the first book (so much so that it may become a class reader!).


I've finished 'The Light Jar' by Lisa Thompson (who wrote 'The Day I was Erased' and 'The Goldfish Boy'). This, like her other books, deals with some serious issues whilst creating believable characters. This had a nice mix of real life based story and a just a little bit of imagination!


I've flown through 'Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow' by Jessica Townsend, the sequel to 'Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow' (as much as my children would allow anyway). I would highly recommend to anyone who read and enjoyed the first book. It reminded me of Harry Potter as it is fantasy based and this book focuses on Morrigan going to a prestigious school for people with special gifts. However, there is plenty of drama, mystery and danger - much like the Harry Potter books.


I finished reading Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve on Sunday. There's a lot more death and destruction than I was expecting so I wouldn't recommend to the squeamish but if you like adventure and fantasy with heroic actions and horrific deaths all set hundreds of years in the future, read this book!

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I've been dipping in and out of here for ideas.

What are you reading?

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I received this great review from one class member:

St. Clare's is another book about boarding school by Enid Blyton. I would totally recommend to anyone looking for a book with mischief, mystery and midnight feasts.

Louie is enjoying the Harry Potter series.