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Remote Learning websites

External Websites to support Remote Learning


If your child is at home for a period of time, you may want to access additional resources to support their learning. Here are just a selection of websites you could use:

Letterland Phonic sounds

This webpage plays each letter sound and gives examples of how they are used in words to support parents with helping their child learn phonics.



Audible are offering free children's stories to listen to on-line via desktop, tablet or phone.



This is a subscription website but there are plenty of free maths games (suitable for KS2) that can be played without needing to subscribe.


The Maths Factor

Carol Vorderman's maths website is a subscription site but you can get 21 days of free access. It has a variety of maths 'lessons' and games for children aged 4-12. 


Maths Challenge booklets

This website has a variety of maths puzzles that can be printed and completed on paper. They are suitable for Year 4 upwards but could be tackled as a family!


BBC Maths videos

A variety of videos to support KS1 maths skills and topics.



A huge range of activities, videos and suggestions to support science learning - many of which are free!

Fun science and creative activities that can be completed at home.



Swat up on world geography whilst playing these on-line games. They are certainly a challenge!


Staying Active - PE

Joe Wicks is offering live physical activities that can be done at home each weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel 'The Body Coach TV'


Disney Shake Up

Fun games and activities to help you be physically active! If you are a fan of Disney films, you will love these!


BBC Supermovers

Practise skills in different curriculum activities whilst being active! Video clips with songs and actions linked to the KS1 and KS2 curriculum.


Music & Dance

Learn the robot song and dance (with signing) and even upload your own version for a chance to feature in a BBC Bring the Noise video. Don't forget to send the video to us too at 



Easy-to-follow videos to show you how to draw a character or simple object. A new one is released every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. Share your efforts on Twitter #DrawWithRob and of course with us!


Yoga - PE

Join in with Cosmic Yoga activities to improve flexibility, strength and to aid relaxation.