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Residential 2021

This page will be updated with information about the Residential. Please do not hesitate to ask if you ever have any questions.


Here is most recent communication with regards to the residential, emailed on 2nd February 2021:


Dear Parents / Carers,


I just wanted to update you regarding the residential we have planned in March 2021.


I am sure it will come as no surprise that we will not be able to go on the residential in March and we have removed the payment from the school gateway for now. We are in talks with the provider to look to rebook for later in the year and as soon as we have a resolution, we will update you.


If you have made a payment to go on the residential, we still have your money in the school account so it is very safe, and we will refund this to you if it we are unable to make a suitable booking. 


Please let me know if you have any questions,


Rachel Evans

School Business Manager

Useful Documents and Information


Here you will find copies of letters sent home.

Questions and Answers

We will update this page with questions asked by parents, carers and pupils that we feel others may benefit from knowing the answers to.


Does the site cater for dietary requirements?

Yes. Prior to our visit, we communicate all dietary requirements such as allergies, vegetarianism, and religious beliefs. There is always a choice at meal times but if there is nothing suitable on offer for those children with specific dietary requirements, an alternative will be provided.


What are the showers like?

All children will shower at least once daily. Showers are individual rooms with doors for privacy and curtains to keep towels dry while under the water. Children enter wrapped in a towel holding any toiletries required and come out wrapped in a towel (hopefully clean) to walk to their room to dry and dress. We recommend that before attending all children know how to wrap a towel around themselves, under their armpits, to ensure they are fully covered.


Is it fun?

Yes! Why do you think the staff like going?