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Here you will find some websites and activities that relate specifically to our current area of learning - area and perimeter.

I have also left some information about 2D and 3D shapes and angles if you still felt you needed practise.



More practise for increasing quadrants.




Area of triangles






Area and Perimeter

Great little tool to place squares to make shapes and see the perimeter and area!


Measuring Angles

This shows you how to use the protractor the measure.

An animation to show you how to use a protractor and measure angles.

More practise measuring angles.


Types of Angles

This explains what an angle is and the different types.

'What is an angle?'

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


2D Shapes

A resource website for teachers, however lots of PowerPoint presentations with information to help, along with activities that can be printed to try. The year groups are there as a guidance. Remember, if you need to practise something, then practise it!

Aimed at KS1 but a helpful recap:

'Properties of 2D Shapes'



To help remember all the types of triangle and their properties. The more look at them, talk about them and use them, the better! We can only remember facts we want to but constantly using them to make the connection. If you find something hard, then not trying again is going to make it harder.


3D Shapes

Aimed at KS1 but some helpful reminders:

'What are 3D shapes?'

'What are the properties of 3D shapes?'


Aimed at KS3 but lots of shapes to look at:



What are nets?

KS3 revision of lots of nets. Click through to have a look!


Plans and Elevations


Games and Activities

Sorting 3D Shapes - scroll down and click on the play game button!

Great little game which creates the nets of cubes in front of you to see if your guess about whether it would make a cube is right!


This games need Flash to work.

3D shape properties game

2D and 3D shape revision game