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Welcome to Sycamore class page. We hope that you will find the information here useful and will check back regularly for updates and news.


School gates open at 8:40 and the day finishes at 3:10. You will come into school and leave school using Sycamore Class door opening onto the Reception playground. You will need to come into school using Gate A. You will need to exit the school using Gate B. 


Please ensure reading books and reading records are brought into school everyday. This is because we are doing quiet reading each afternoon.  Books will be changed every Monday and Thursday. Try to read with your child as often as you can and practise reading and spelling the tricky words.


Our regular PE lessons are on Monday and Thursday. 


Please send your child to school wearing their PE kit on those days. We will do PE outside whenever it is possible so please make sure your child wears suitable outdoor PE kit.  

Going for Gold!

What a great year for this topic! As the final term in our school year approaches we can take inspiration from the athletes that have worked hard and practised their skills in order to be their best.... going for gold!


English:  In English we will continue to focus on our writing, particularly in using phonics to spell words accurately and making sure our sentences make sense.  We will look at how to write a recount; using past tense and time adverbials to show the order of what happened.


Maths: We will be looking at fact families and securing our knowledge of number bonds in order to use and apply them to related subtraction facts within that family. There will be lots of practical ways to explore measures such as weight, length and time, using standard and non-standard units.


Geography: In geography we will learn the names of the seven continents of the world and the five oceans that surround them as we locate some of the Olympic host countries. 


History: We will be finding out about the origins of the Olympics Games and how they have changed over time, comparing past Olympic Games with the modern Olympics that we have today.


Science: We will be finding out about the basic needs of animals, including humans, thinking about how we might care for an animal such as a pet. Sports and well being week will give us an opportunity to explore the importance of exercise and rest in contributing to our own health. 


DT: Looking at sports and how people move, will help us to create models with moving limbs using mechanisms such as levers and linkages.


Music: We are going to begin using Charanga units to learn how to use our voices to sing songs and speak chants and rhymes.


PSHE: We are going to be looking at how to keep safe online, how to keep healthy using food and exercise and sun safety. We are also going to be explore how rules can help us.


Home Learning Project Ideas for Summer 1: DEADLINE 26th MAY

Sycamore Home Learning Projects

Class Rules

Monday: Smashing Science Stereotypes and Sniffly Sneezes Experiment!

Tuesday: Learning about plants from Syngenta and Team building exercises

Wednesday: Creating our own Junk Model cars

Thursday: Inventions for the future