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Thursday 21st January

Please see Class Dojo for full details and tasks.


Please use the links below to complete your daily Flashcard Speed Trial on Phonics Play. You can also do some Tricky Word trucks as well. The full Phonics task information is on Class Dojo.


There are also some Phonics Comics we would like you try and read. Full information about that task is on Class Dojo.


In English today can you go back through the Motte and Bailey report and find all the words ending in ed? There is a copy on Class Dojo and below.


In Maths today you will be exploring Counting On. There are NO White Rose Videos today. There is a PowerPoint below to go through. Please read this PowerPoint before completing the worksheet on Class Dojo.

There is an extra problem-solving task to do as well.


Please follow the link below to complete your Sumdog maths task.


For your final task today, there is a PowerPoint discussing who Henry the 1st is. Please read this and you can colour in the portrait of King Henry 1st on here or on Class Dojo.


For PE this week, there are 4 activities for you to do. Please make sure you complete one every day and write a sentence about each activity you do.

Motte and Bailey Report

Thursday Maths: Counting On

Who is King Henry the 1st?

King Henry the 1st Colouring