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Tuesday 12th January

Please see Class Dojo for full details and tasks.


Please use the links below to complete your daily Flashcard Speed Trial on Phonics Play. The full Phonics task information is on Class Dojo.


In English today we are learning about adding ing to the end of words. There is a powerpoint below which explains how to do this in more detail. Once you have read the powerpoint there is a video on Class Dojo to watch, this shows modelled examples of adding the suffix ing to words. There is a worksheet to complete on Class Dojo.


In Maths today we are learning about number bonds within 10 systematically. Please watch the video below to find out what this means. There is a worksheet for you to complete on Class Dojo.


Please complete a Monday or Wednesday Joe Wicks workout for your PE task today. The link for his youtube channel is below. Can you write a sentence explaining how your body felt after you have done your workout?


Today you will be continuing your learning of Deciduous and Evergreen trees. There is a worksheet on Class Dojo to complete and the answers are below.



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