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Here We Are

To start the academic year, all year groups will be basing much of their learning on this stunning book by Oliver Jeffers.


'Here We Are' was published in 2017 and is about planet Earth and our place on it. 


The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) has produced a series of lesson resources to be used alongside this thought-provoking book, specifically for use now as we return to school after lockdown. We will be using and adapting these ideas for our own children.


We recognise that children will have had many and varied experiences during lockdown: some may have been challenging and even traumatic but many may have been positive and enjoyable as well. Our use of the book 'Here We Are' for this period of transition back into school is designed to support children with adjusting to being back in school, providing opportunities for discussion and sharing of experiences and also 'grounding them' by thinking about our place within our communities and within the world. There is a significant focus on reading and writing skills but with plenty of opportunities for PSHE discussions, art activities, science and wider learning.


We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you. Do check back over the next couple of weeks to see examples of our learning here. 


You might also like to watch the trailer below that is for the Apple TV film based on the book.

OLIVER JEFFERS _ HERE WE ARE - Official trailer.mp4

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Here are some examples of the learning going on around school linked to the book and also some of our displays: