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Wednesday 27th January

Please see Class Dojo for full details and tasks.


Please use the links below to complete your daily Flashcard Speed Trial on Phonics Play. The full Phonics task information is on Class Dojo.


In English today there is a video you need to watch on Class Dojo which shows you the reading of the entire report. You can re-write the two sections from yesterday or just complete the final section. The blank template for this task is below.


In Maths today you will be developing your knowledge of subtracting numbers using the counting back method. There is a link below, please watch the Subtraction-taking away-counting back. There is a worksheet to complete on Class Dojo. There is an additional sheet to practise these skills below.


There are two activities to be completed by Friday: Subtraction within 10 and Words for Numbers within 10. The Sumdog login link is below or you can download the app. You may be resent this to ensure you have finished BOTH tasks.


There is a PowerPoint below for you to read. The fully labelled Windsor Castle diagram is below, use this to check your labels are correct.


There is an additional reading activity explained in more detail on Class Dojo. If you cannot print from Class Dojo please directly message Miss Higgs who can send you the sheet.


For PE this week, there are 4 activities for you to do. Please make sure you complete one every day and write a sentence about each activity you do.


English Resources

Maths Challenge