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Week 4 Update



Celebrating VE Day

It's now been 75 years since Winston Churchill made his victory in Europe speech and people across the UK have been marking the occasion in a variety of ways. Did you do anything special this weekend? My family and I looked out for the Red Arrows and the spitfires, but sadly saw neither. We did, however, participate in the two minute silence and also had a VE Day themed afternoon tea, with delicious cakes and sandwiches. It has been lovely receiving photos of the ways some of you marked the occasion. Take a look below to see what Rowan Class has been up to on this bank holiday weekend. 


Week 3 Update

Happy Summer Term, Rowan. I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and managed to enjoy the last two weeks. I am very much looking forward to seeing your fantastic learning over the coming days. I've been trying to do my own learning and have started doing some online courses, which have been really interesting. I also decided to do some writing and have written you all a poem. If any of you decide to write any poems during lockdown, I would love to read them!


Week 2 Update

 I can't actually believe that it's almost the end of the second week of not being at school. This week seems to have flown by. Yesterday, I was in school with Free Arena class, working alongside Mr Naylor. It was a very busy day, with plenty of fun activities. I even learnt how to make a different style of friendship bracelet. We made some nature mobiles, some chocolate bars and also did a Lego building challenge. Throughout the rest of the week, I have filled my time with reading, cooking, writing a journal, Times Table Rockstars, playing Spyro (where I have improved thankfully) and even some running. I have also thoroughly enjoyed receiving the emails and photos of your learning at home, so thank you for those. It really is lovely to see all the creative things you've been doing.


Stay safe, keep up the good work and enjoy your Easter.  


Mrs Moorby-Lewis



Week 1 Update

As we approach the end of the first week away from school, I thought I'd provide a bit of an update about my experience away from the classroom. On Monday, I spent the day at school with 'Free Arena' class. It was a really enjoyable day, but very strange without Rowan class there. The last few days have provided me with the opportunity to go for some lovely walks in the sunshine, as well as take part in some online dance and exercise classes, which has been great. Mrs Hicks has been sending me lots of emails with updates about your learning at home - I've really enjoyed looking at these, so keep up the good work. Over the next few days, I'm hoping to keep in touch a bit more with friends and family online and improve my skills on Nintendo Switch, as I'm currently pretty hopeless at it! I hope you're all doing ok, and I'll provide another update soon.