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Week Beginning 29.03.2021

What are we Learning this Week in Reception?



- We will recap reading and writing words and simple sentences using the digraphs;

oo (book, moon)

ar (farm)

or (pork)

ur (surf)

- We will also recap reading and spelling the tricky words; we, me, she, be.



We will continue to recap and consolidate our learning about numbers to 10, with a particular focus on exploring the composition of numbers e.g. 0+5=5, 1+4=5, 2+3=5 and so on.  



We will continue to focus on correctly forming letters in the alphabet, ensuring that they are evenly sized and sat on the line.



There will be no P.E this week.


As it is Science Week across the whole school, we will be taking part in a variety of Scientific Enquiries.  These include;

- Growing cress seeds; observing, commenting on changes and caring for them throughout the week.

- Observing and commenting on an erupting volcano experiment.

- Inventing floating boats.

- Finding out what happens when we add different materials to cups of water e.g. oil, salt, rice, paint, milk, cotton wool and so on.  

- Joining some virtual calls, including a visit to the Philippines to learn about a bridge that is being built in Cebu.