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Well-being for families

Supporting Well-Being for Children and Families

We know that being in lockdown and facing remote learning is a challenge for many families. We want all our children to continue with their learning and engage in the tasks set by their teachers. However, well-being comes first and this page is dedicated to ideas, tips and activities to promote well-being and positive mental and physical health.


This Week's Top Tips


Mrs Drury has suggested doing a puzzle together as a family as there is a great sense of achievement when it is finished. You can even make your own puzzle by cutting up a picture and then trying to put it back together again.


Mrs Hicks suggests trying to have a little bit of time outside every day, even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes. Fresh air and open space are great for helping you to feel good!

Activities to Try


60 second Wall Ball Challenge

Balloon Meditation

Create a Glitter Jar

More details here:

Create A Record Of Your Feelings

Try recording how you have felt at different times. You could create your own notebook or you might even like to buy a mood journal.



Feel Good Friday

Every Friday we have a whole school theme and there is a focus on creativity, shared family activities, well-being and time away from a screen. We want the pressure on families to be reduced and there to be an increased element of choice for children. 

Each Friday, children are provided with a grid of activities to choose from linked to the theme for that week. They can complete as many as they like and there is a deliberate overlap of activities across the age groups to enable siblings to work together if they would like to. Children are still encouraged to submit photos or videos of the activities they complete so that their teachers can provide feedback.

For the children in school at the present time, they also have Feel Good Friday and their learning activities in school also link to the whole school theme. Although some tasks may be adapted, there is still an element of choice and a focus on well-being and more creative activities.

The theme for our next Feel Good Friday is:


We shared some of these well-being ideas in our January newsletters: