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World Book Day Challenge

Choose one or more of these book linked challenges to complete. Most are the same as those sent by email to parents.


Challenge 1 - Read

Spend 20 minutes reading a book :)


Challenge 2 - Make a Character 

Using anything that you like around your home, make a character (or characters) from your favourite book. You could use playdoh, cardboard, Lego or even toilet rolls! Send a picture of your creation to your class teacher. 


Challenge 3 - Design a ‘Love of Reading’ Poster 

At The Pines, we LOVE reading and we want to show it in as many ways as we can. Have a go at creating a poster to show how much you love reading or to encourage people to read as much as possible. Make your poster as bright and colourful as you can so that we can put them up around the school! This will be a competition across the school where the best poster from each phase will win a £5 book voucher.



You may have already been completing this challenge so don't forget that we'd love to see photos!

Photo Challenge 

On the World Book Day website (linked below) is a ‘Reading stars game’. There is one for  ‘Older Bookworms’ (Year 3 – 6). Have a go at completing as many of the challenges as you can from now until World Book Day and tick them off as you go. Take a photo of you completing some of the challenges to send to your class teacher.