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World Book Day Author Task

Katherine Rundell, author of the Explorer that we read last half term as well as one of the World Book Day books for this year, has produced a masterclass about how to take inspiration from real life exciting incidents to create adventure in unexpected places.


1)  Watch the video of Katherine Rundell on the link below.

2) Katherine sets a challenge at the end of the video. Choose a character from a book you know really well and imagine what may have happened to them BEFORE that today; this is a prequel.


Choose one of the following:

A - Write the plan of the story you have created in your mind. This could be in a boxing up style like how we plan our writing in class. Where will it be set? Who is the character? What happens?


B - Write an extract of this story. Choose your vocabulary carefully to interest your reader.


Make sure it is clear if you chose task A or B then take a photo and upload to Class Dojo.