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Year 6 Transition

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

As we enter the final half term of the academic year, we know our Year 6 children are looking ahead towards their transition to secondary school in September. This year, the transition process will be very different from normal. However we still want to support our children and families as much as possible and are working closely with our local secondary schools to ensure that transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is as smooth as possible.


Transition Activities

Each week, we will upload a 'transition project' that has been created by the Robin Hood Academy Trust. The activities within the project will be used in school when we are at a stage to be able to welcome Year 6 children back to school. They can also be used at home to prompt discussions and to help children prepare for moving to Year 7.


This website has been recommended by one of our local secondary schools as it provides a free 'Secondary Ready' Maths course. It is aimed at Year 6 children to help them review their maths learning so that they are ready to tackle the KS3 maths curriculum. You need to create a log-in and can then work through the activities at your own pace.

Supporting Your Child

Moving to Secondary School is an exciting time but we know it is also a time when many children feel anxious and have lots of unanswered questions. This year, when normal transition visits are not going to be possible, the thought of starting a new school can feel even more daunting. The leaflet below gives some suggestions of how parents can support their children.