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Late Arrivals 

Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time. Late pupils disrupt learning for themselves and the rest of the class. Persistent late arrival is also reviewed by the Educational Welfare Officer.



School attendance matters. All absences  must be notified to the School Office on the morning of the first day by 9:30a.m. Messages may be left on the answer machine if phoning before the start of the school day or by emailing the Attendance Officer ( Please keep us informed in the event of a lengthy absence. When your child returns to school, please supply a letter to their teacher, outlining the reason for absence.


The reason for absence is required as the school must report on both authorised and unauthorised absences as defined by the Government.


Routine medical and dental appointments should be scheduled after school or during school holidays.


School attendance is monitored by our Attendance Officer and reviewed on a monthly basis by the Educational Welfare Officer. Unacceptable levels of absence are referred to the Educational Welfare Officer, for investigation and action.


Education Welfare Services –WPA

We now have a new Education Welfare Officer working with us to help to raise the attendance in the school.   Julia Jackson will be in school every two weeks to support the school and our families to improve overall school attendance.



It is important that your child attends school throughout the year and holidays should be arranged during school holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances.


In exceptional circumstances, the Headteacher has the authority to grant a leave of absence to a maximum of ten days. Holiday Request Forms are held in the School Office and should be completed and handed to the Headteacher prior to the absence.


Attendance Policy