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BPCF is a parent and carer run group that meets regularly to discuss the real issues that affect SEND children and young people in Bracknell Forest. Parent Carer Forums are the DfE’s statutory partner for local authorities and health partners, to make sure the views and concerns of parents and carers are heard by those who plan and manage services that families rely on.


We have 3 aims

1.      To empower parents and carers to ensure their voices are heard. We do this through ‘coffee and co-production’ meet ups, online Q&A sessions and briefings with service partners, as well as social events for adults and families.

2.      To inspire our health, education and social care partners by sharing good practice and experience. We do this by attending meetings with the local authority and health partners.

3.      To provide a safe, diverse, accessible and welcoming space for parents and carers. We actively seek out leaders, volunteers and members from so-called seldom heard communities.

We want to invite the families at your school to join us for coffee and co-production and for social meet ups. You will find details about these events on our website, in our newsletter and on social media.


Our website is:

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Parents and carers can #getinvolved with our work

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