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Welcome to our class page.


While school is closed, we will want to stay in touch. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and to share photos.


Always remember that I am at the end of an email

if you ever need to ask me something or just want to share some news!

While you are at home, one of the most important things you can do is read, read and read again!  



              This is definitely me too! I am learning so much about myself as a reader during this time. laugh

My house is full of lots of different 'drop points' I like to call them. I have two overflowing bookcases, a covered up windowsill, a mountain on top of my bedside cabinet and at least one spot in every room where I have left a finished book, or one I started and then found another!

This did not mean that all the ones that may have felt a little abandoned were not exciting and fantastic reads, and I will always come back to them, but your mood may change or you may fancy an adventure over a fantasy or a real-life over a crime!

Books will always be there when you come back to them. Their words and messages do not change, but perhaps how we should read them and interpret them might.

So pick up one, or two or several books and read them all or read a little and then come back to them.

As long as you have one book in your hand, you will have magic, adventure and joy!


I look forward to seeing you again this week!

Our challenge this week is:


Make sure you bring your quick thinking and indoor running feet!


Becca is completing an incredible fundraising challenge!

She is cycling almost 5 miles (4.6 to be precise) EVERYDAY in order to raise money for the NHS!

This is such an amazing amount of dedication, for an amazing cause, from an amazing heart. I have come to expect nothing less from the wonderful members of my class.

Every little helps and so if you wish to donate, no matter how small or large, here is the link to her fundraising page. 

Well done Becca, and everyone out there spreading acts of kindness during this unique situation.


To donate:

Weekly Learning


Each week, by 9am Monday morning, the Phase and Class pages, the writing task on the Learning at Home page and all the online learning platforms we will be using, will have been checked and updated with all the information you will need for your learning.

Before the Easter Holidays, we had set daily tasks to help you with routine, however, we will now be making sure you have everything you need for the week. This will allow everyone in your household to be able to access their online learning time, alongside the fact that I am sure you have established when you work best at home. I have made a suggestion below of a few things to keep up daily and what learning you can cover over the week.


Elder Daily Learning

1) Read for at least 20 minutes for pleasure! 


2) Exercise to keep body and mind healthy (Joe Wicks, jogging on the spot, tin can weights! etc.) 


3) Practise your times table and related division facts (Times Table Rock Stars etc.)


4) Practise spelling words you find tricky or the Year 5 and 6 spellings (see bottom of this page) 


Elder Weekly Learning

1) Complete your Get Epic assignments and quizzes. All the information you need is on the Year 5/6 Phase Page and on the Curriculum Newsletter (see below) If you wish to continue to read the texts or try some others on there, then dive right in!




There's no stopping us now! Excellent work Elder! We have achieved our sixteenth GetEpic badge!

1500 books read! How many books does that work out as each? Keep it up!

Do you know there are some novels on their too? You can always read a chapter or two each time you log on!

There are some 'EPIC' reading amounts being logged! It is great to see how much time you are spending on reading daily! 


2) Complete your writing task activities are fantastic and I am looking forward to reading your pieces! (Remember to email me by 3pm Friday

If you have siblings at the school, all your ideas can be discussed and shared before you enjoy your year group writing tasks or you can use everyone at home to generate great language and sentence ideas!


3) Use your MyMaths log-in (emailed to you on Monday 20/04/20) to complete the tasks that have been set. I would like you to use the lesson that is provided to help you achieve your best results. You will need to make sure you have a pencil and paper with you as you will need to complete some working out!

There is always at least one consolidation task included related to previous learning! I can't wait to see how you get on!

Enough tasks have been set to enable you to complete one per day, however, if you decide to do more in one go, that works too!


4) Try to earn as many points as you can on the Challenge Grid (on the Phase Page)


5) Use my recommended websites below to choose one area of grammar you would like to improve. You can complete an online game or search for a relevant activity.

Recommended Websites:

Can you answer Grace's graph questions?

Can you answer Grace's graph questions? 1

Learning at Home


Don’t forget to send us photos of what you are up to or of your completed activities to

Perhaps you could send a photo of you reading one of your reading books and share a comment about what you are enjoying about the book. 

Rigon's Joe Wicks style work out for body and mind!

Still image for this video

Maisie and Ollie's Victorious Volcano!

Still image for this video

VE Day

Our Elder celebrations from 8th May.


Rigon made an excellent poster! Euan had the bunting out!


We had a lovely time this afternoon celebrating on our driveway; enjoying picnic food, cakes and scones! We also had someone near to us sing some 1940s songs from their driveway. We had a little dance and I joined in on the ones we had looked at during our 'War' topic!

The answers for all the work you had before the Easter Holidays.

‘Our Diverse Planet’ A very successful Science Week!