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Welcome to our class page.


While school is closed, we will want to stay in touch. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and to share photos.




While you are at home, one of the most important things you can do is read, read and read again!

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Happy Easter Holidays!

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Mrs Drury's Reading Journey


I am going to add the books that I read during our time of closure. If you have some of them on your bookcase at home and haven't quite got to them yet, maybe you could try them and let me know what you think! Otherwise, when we are back, there will be lots of new books you may wish to try!


Began 20th March 2020

'Septimus Heap: Book One. Magyk' by Angie Sage

I have only just started and as an avid Harry Potter fan, I am already hooked and will need to complete the 7 books in the series! (Don't worry, I won't just read the seven in a row here!) Already there has been a mysterious baby in the snow, a suspicious missing Queen and an Assassin! 


Not long to go now! I am waiting to find out if the secret I think is the secret, is the secret!


FINISHED! Reading is all about losing yourself in another world and I enjoy fast-paced plots full of twists, magic and adventure. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 





Began 28th March 2020

’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl

I have started one of the books by my favourite author when I was about 8 years old, with my sons. We are reading a chapter or two a day and I am amazed how without too many pictures, they seem to be hooked. James can remember all about Charlie and of course that there is a chocolate factory!


We are starting Chapter 9 today. James is really enjoying it and I love to re-read books I loved and remember all the different characters and events. James' favourite part so far is Chapter 3 when Mr Willy Wonka built a palace out of chocolate for an Indian prince. I had to read it again!


Currently on Chapter 14. James enjoyed meeting Mr Willy Wonka outside his factory!





Began 1st April 2020

'The Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen

The first chapter had me again. It had a few similarities to our situation at the moment.

'I have to make myself remember what I used to see: the shops and the bustle, the cars and the people.'

'But like I said, this was all before. 

I don't see any other children anymore.'

A little like us, Ade is stuck in his flat on the seventeenth floor of his tower block. However, his reasons are a little bit different. Clues are being dropped in bit by bit to what has happened, and Ade is struggling with other sad things in his life too. I am hoping it will all turn out okay - I do love a happy ending- but I know it can't always be that way and we all have to be as positive as we can in any situation with trying our BEST, showing EXCELLENCE, keeping SAFE and working as a TEAM.

Do I think Ade will do this? I hope so!


I am loving this book! I am gripped and do not want to put it down. It is emotional but links to some of the thoughts we are having and things we are all doing to do now. I can't wait to reach the end, but I also know I will be disappointed that I have finished. It is the catch-22 of loving reading!


FINISHED! I didn’t want to stop reading this one. I was invested in what happened to the characters. I really liked Ade and wanted to know his fate!





Began 6th April

The Goldfish Boy’ by Lisa Thompson

How much do you know about what is going on in your street? How much should you know? Matthew knows a lot, as he doesn’t leave his room. There are hints so far that this is perhaps a recent thing to have happened, as his parents are pretty worried. His neighbours are not keen on his ‘staring’ out of the window but perhaps some good will come of it. I am looking forward to finding out.





What are you reading? Send me a photo with your book!


Elder Learning at Home!

Elder Learning at Home! 1 M & M
Elder Learning at Home! 2 Great vocabulary!
Elder Learning at Home! 3 Very neat Maisie!
Elder Learning at Home! 4 Keep up the hard work!
Elder Learning at Home! 5 Deep in thought Lottie!
Elder Learning at Home! 6 Hi Callum!
Elder Learning at Home! 7 Excellent Maths Oliver!
Elder Learning at Home! 8 Which setting do you think Oliver is describing?
Elder Learning at Home! 9 Busy Oliver!
Elder Learning at Home! 10 Nice detail Oliver!
Elder Learning at Home! 11 Wow Rigon! Look at that spread!
Elder Learning at Home! 12 Excellent to see your writing Rigon!
Elder Learning at Home! 13 So many questions!
Elder Learning at Home! 14 Raf, I can see that Maths brain working hard!
Elder Learning at Home! 15 What an amazing tower Daniel!
Elder Learning at Home! 16 131cms!
Elder Learning at Home! 17 Siblings solving subtraction skillfully!
Elder Learning at Home! 18 That look delicious!
Elder Learning at Home! 19 Phew! Tired just watching you Becca!
Elder Learning at Home! 20 Looks like you are filling that book Callum!
Elder Learning at Home! 21 Great book! Mrs Hardy loves this one.

Learning at Home


Don’t forget to send us photos of what you are up to or of your completed activities to

Perhaps you could send a photo of you reading one of your reading books and share a comment about what you are enjoying about the book. 

Daily Work and Answers




To include in your daily tasks please:

1) Enjoy meals together as a family.

2) Read (for 20 minutes) a chapter or short story or listen to a story read online together.

3) Play one game - board, in the garden, invented, I-spy... the list is endless!

4) Help with at least one job around the house!

5) Practise your times tables (the division facts too!).

6) Take time for yourself - find some space and do what you love to relax!



1) If you wish, all the online log-ins will still work and there are plenty of learning activities still on the website and being shared out on the internet daily.

2) Take a look at our 'Easter Holiday Phase Challenges' and send us pictures of how you get on! I may attempt some myself!

3) Have a go at editing and/or finishing my 'Room 11' story. My husband has given me a great idea for an ending, so I will aim to finish it some time next week!


Mrs Drury's Mystery Story

I have had a go at a first draft of the first few paragraphs. I am happy to receive any editing comments through our learning emails and suggestions of how I could finish. What might Amelia discover?

Week 2 Home Learning Challenges


As you have reached the end of your first week learning at home, it is time for a new sheet of challenges. You are aiming to earn 50 points this week but can choose any combination to make that total (or higher). Complete any written or drawn tasks in your orange book. Ask an adult to sign for anything we won't be able to see. We'd love to see what you are up to so keep the photos coming in.

The answers for all your work for the last two weeks (including the reading comprehensions) are below.


Mrs Drury's Newspaper Tower

Still image for this video
So, we began well - sturdy, holding up. Then... we got greedy with height! Chrysler vs. Empire State! Once we reached those dizzying heights without the right support, the paper bent and ultimately collapsed. We managed 80cm before we added the extra that ended it all! The end of the video shows us drastically trying to repair the damage. It held for about 60 seconds. Back to the drawing board for a change in career of engineering. Good luck with yours. Don’t forget to email your photos in!

Recommended Websites:





Read Theory - children use their login to have short reading passages and multiple choice questions at their level. The level of difficulty progresses with the children so challenge yourself to practise and keep moving up! (Just watch out as American English spelling!)

Reading Games

Reading Lists - This is the link for the Year 5 list, however it offers lists for all age groups so the Year 6 list may be worth a look too for great vocabulary and language! If we could just ask (unless you have already!) to refrain from 'Who Let the Gods Out?' for the moment!



Spelling Frame - activities to practise spelling patterns and rules



Spelling and Grammar





Some games and activities may be repeated from Top Marks but lots of extra and broken down into more specific punctuation and writing techniques.





Times Table Rockstars - keep that times table knowledge fluent and speedy

Top Marks 7-11 - online games for all areas of Maths. Use the sections at the top to select which area of Maths you want to practise. This is the link to one section only! So much to explore!


Word Problems

Maths Playground - Amazing selection of word problems divided into very specific sections! Great practise and self-check. Remember to have your paper ready for your working out!


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Nrich - mathematical games and problems


‘Our Diverse Planet’ A very successful Science Week!