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Autumn Term



In Reception,the children have been busy sewing, making Diva lamp to celebrate festivals across the season this term. They have been builders, engineers, chefs and so much more.


As part of their story The Gingerbread Man, the children have been busy making their very own Gingerbread men. From writing instructions, measuring different ingredients and pouring to mixing, rolling and cutting, everyone has learned and developed various skills. The children have worked hard to draw their own designs by labeling each part of their gingerbread man before decorating it all by themselves using icing tubes and an array of sprinkles. Everyone was so excited and they could not wait to try them. What fantastic learning!


Years 1 & 2

This term, the children have thoroughly enjoyed being inventors, designers and architects within the Junk Yard area. Not only have they created FANTASTIC models, but have really thought about the skills they will need to use as well as who it is for and why they need it.

Junk Yard Modeling

Stitch it Club

To celebrate Halloween, KS1 have been busy researching, designing, making and evaluating their very own Spider. They not only used their creativity to explore different ideas, but also explained why they have used certain elements before getting hands on and sewing their webs. How spooky! No doubt they will be perfect addition for Halloween. 

Christmas Stockings

This half term, KS1 have been busy getting ready for Christmas! They have been incredibly thoughtful when creating two designs and explaining why they would like to make one over the other. From pinning and cutting their own material to sewing them using a sewing machine, the children have bought their ideas to life. No doubt Santa will be very impressed with their stockings when he climbs down the chimney this year. 

Years 3 & 4

Children in Years 3 and 4 have been focusing on healthy diets and teeth in Science. They have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Adopt a Chef workshop whereby they discussed where food comes from such as farms (vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy and eggs) and suppliers who provide food for shops. Children also explored why we need food and what its benefits are and before getting hands on and investigating how different foods appeal to our senses. What fantastic chefs!

Years 5 & 6

This term, upper KS2 have been exploring food and how to create a nutritious dish. To do so, the children have been investigating nutrition labels which feature on numerous food products enabling consumers to make good choices about the nutrient values of the food being eaten. Additionally, children have also been busy comparing and developing their understanding of how seasonal foods in the UK with the West Indies as well as different cooking methods. Ultimately, this has empowered them to design, make and evaluate a dish inspired by the West Indies for a person of their choice to demonstrate how arrivals and departures shaped our community.