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Years 1/2

Spring 1

Happy New Year everybody and welcome back to school for 2022. We hope that you had a lovely break and managed to find time to enjoy the festivities and time with loved ones. The whole KS1 team were incredibly impressed at the end of the term in terms of children's behaviour and progress. We were particularly impressed with the Year 2 phonics screening outcomes. This half term, we are excited to be studying a wide range of subjects under the umbrella of...


Walk the Plank!

In this topic children will be encouraged to use their imaginations as we study pirates and their journeys around the world. Children’s learning in Geography will enable them to find out where they live in relation to the rest of the world and to consider simple ways of representing this. The use of globes, atlases, compasses, maps and more will allow children to explore their own ideas and questions about the world around them. In science, children will explore the properties and uses of different materials including whether they are waterproof and whether their shapes can be manipulated to suit other needs. This learning will culminate in a DT project that will see children design, make and evaluate their own pirate ship 'slider'. It promises to be an exciting journey into 2022! Check out the class pages below for more information.