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Good morning message for week commencing 22nd February

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Here, there and Everywhere

Our curriculum learning for Spring 2 is all about life in contrasting locations. Inspired by the story of William Kwamkwamba, we will be finding out about what it is like to live in a small village in Malawi, thinking about schools, jobs, homes and daily life. There will be a focus on identifying human geographical features. We will look for similarities and differences between life 'there' and life 'here' in the local village of Crowthorne. As part of our learning about the wind turbines built by William Kwamkwamba, we will investigate different materials and ways they can be changed. We will also find out about Scientists from the past and ways they have changed materials to make them more useful for our everyday lives. There will be plenty of opportunities for designing, building and evaluating products such as windmills and toys made from repurposed materials as well as plenty of physical activity and opportunities to rebuild our friendships.