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Years 1/2

Spring Term

Hello and Happy New Year! We cannot believe how quickly 2023 went and that we are already a term into the new academic year! We are so excited to hit the ground running with our new and exciting Heroic Humans topic.  The children are very familiar with the new environment, routines and expectations so we are ready to learn and we are excited to see what this term brings! 


Year 1 Heroic Humans

The big question we will be thinking about this term is ' Are all kings and queens good?'. We will be finding out about some of our most famous kings and queens as well as exploring new knowledge about Windsor Castle and how it was built. 


Year 2 Heroic Humans 

This is a brand new unit of work that we, as a team, have developed together to support our teaching approach of continuous provision. It is all about people in history who have changed the course of history with their heroic actions. We will always delve deeper into our big question 'Can disaster lead to success?'.