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What is an SRP?


Specially Resourced Provisions (SRPs) are for children who have, or who are likely to have, an EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan).


Resourced provisions are where places are reserved at a mainstream school for pupils with a specific type of SEN, taught mainly within mainstream classes, but requiring a base and some specialist facilities around the school. They are usually for pupils with EHC plans but could include pupils with SEN support.


Admissions to any of the SRPs will follow Bracknell Forest’s usual admissions procedure and requests should be made to the SEN Team.


What does the SRP look like at The Pines?


The Orchard was set up in September 2021.  It is part of a Local Authority programme of SEND support improvements.


The Orchard is a 10 space EYFS and Key Stage 1 provision for pupils who have Autism and/or Speech, Communication and Language Needs and related learning needs. There is a full time experienced teacher and full time support staff. For further information, go to The Orchard section within the class pages on the school website


In September 2022, we extended the SRP into a Key Stage 2 provision - The Grove.  This is also a 10 place provision. There is a full time experienced teacher and full time support staff. For further information, go to The Grove section within the class pages on the school website


There is a high adult ratio within The Orchard and The Grove. Children spend up to half of their day within the provision in order to meet their needs through a variety of approaches as well as time in the mainstream class with their peers, where appropriate.


Both The Orchard and The Grove are in dedicated classrooms within the mainstream environment in order to ensure that all pupils are able to learn within a safe environment that can meet their needs and help them to progress to the best of their ability. 












What are the aims of the SRPs?


The Orchard and The Grove have been created to support young people with a variety of needs and pupils. The aim of The Orchard and The Grove is for the pupils to:


  • have the potential ability to access their year group curriculum and be comfortable in a classroom environment but, for reasons associated with their communication and interaction difficulties or learning and additional needs, be unable to make sufficient progress or fulfil their potential in a whole class placement.

  • have access to a curriculum that is personalised to their needs relating to the outcomes on their EHCP/IPM

  • be comfortable in a classroom environment and have a level of cognition and language that enables them to access at least some of the whole class curriculum and learning environment.

  • benefit from small group or 1:1 intervention work to meet their needs identified within their EHCP or specific targets set by outside agencies.

  • benefit from regular sensory input and breaks built into their school day.

  • benefit from attending some of their year group classes and from regular social interaction with their peers.

  • access additional specialist support, in order to successfully achieve their educational outcomes.

  • gain strategies to manage increasing independence in their learning and achieve their full potential through the additional support and targeted intervention available.


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