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Welcome to our class page. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and to share photos. You could take a photo and send it to 

Welcome to the final Summer Term!

We have got more exciting learning to keep you busy this term. We will continue to set new tasks that you will either complete at home or in school.  You can continue to send your home leaning to our class email. 

Maple Class Zoom Call: Tuesday 14th July at 4 o'clock

Our last zoom call this week. We will have a scavenger hunt and maybe you will be wearing your party clothes!


Here is some information that you may find helpful when using the GetEpic website. Your child will be allocated three books to read each week. As the book levelling system is different to what we are used to, we have chosen books that are a best-fit match to the colour bands in RWI system. Unfortunately there are some American spellings such as ‘mom’ and ‘gray’ that you will need to explain to your child.


It is important that you sit with your child when they are reading so that you can support them. Remind them to use their phonics or if your child is stuck on a tricky word, you can prompt them to look at what is happening in the picture to help them work it out. Don’t forget to take the quiz at the end to check their understanding of the story.


Log on to the website to see your three new books each week. 


Username: March20      Password: home


Here is some information about the phonics play website. The sequence in which the phonic sounds are taught will be different to Read Write Inc. This site uses the governments ‘Letters and Sounds’ sequence which is set in phases 1-6. Some sounds appear at different points in the sequence that we are used to seeing, but they represent all the sounds that children need to learn.


We will ask parents to start at different phases according to the phonics group that your child was working in at school.


Week beginning 13/07/20


If you child read pink books:

  1. Click on resources at the top
  2. Select Phase 4
  3. Hover over ‘Flash cards time challenge’ - select phase 3 and 5a
  4. Choose any game in Phase 4 to play and work your way through the new sounds

If you child read orange and yellow books:

  1. Click on resources at the top
  2. Select Phase 5
  3. Hover over ‘Flash cards time challenge’ – click on phase 5 -  select all phases or practise individual sounds you are not sure of.
  4. Choose any game in Phase 5 to play

If you child read blue books:

  1. Click on resources at the top
  2. Select Phase 5
  3. Hover over ‘Flash cards time challenge’ – click on phase 5 -  select all phases or practise individual sounds you are not sure of.
  4. Choose any game in Phase 5 to play

If you child read grey books:

  1. Click on resources at the top
  2. Select Phase 5
  3. Hover over ‘Flash cards time challenge’ – click on phase 5 -  select all phases or practise individual sounds you are not sure of.
  4. Choose any game in Phase 5 and 6 to play


Well done for your impressive work using the MyMaths website. As we have now run out of material on that site, we are going to move onto using White Rose lessons. This is the scheme that we follow in school.

There are four video lessons available to watch each week. However, we will choose the most suitable ones to watch and post the information on this page every week. As we do not have a subscription for White Rose worksheets, we will upload some linked worksheets that you may like to have a go at.

Each video takes children through small steps in learning. Children may be asked to pause the video to have a go at an activity, therefore it would be a good idea for you to support your child through the video. You might like to have some scrap paper and small everyday items such as pencils or lego bricks to hand, to use for counting. Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please email your class teacher.


Here is the White Rose home learning link:


Week beginning 13.07.20  Choose White Rose Lessons Week Commencing 20th April

The White Rose lessons for this week are about time, and as we have already covered this topic we have chosen videos from the week commencing 20th of April. There are three videos to watch. Lesson one is about finding doubles. In lessons 2 and 3 you will be sharing quantities into equal groups.

There are some activity sheets attached below that you may want to use to practise the knowledge and skills taught in the videos. 


Here are the supporting sheets for this weeks learning


There will be a whole school weekly writing task set on this link 


This weeks writing task

Jess found a recipe from Iceland for...
fermented shark!
Rosie's yummy pizza description
These sound yummy Ella
In Manta Ray pod..
we wrote our own
pizza recipe

Learning at home

Hope had to find the answers to get to the end of a long number problem!
Jess sorted healthy food
Jess's lovely apple picture
Jess made a rainforest in a box
Hope sorted some phonics sounds
Ella painted an amazing frog using dots
Jess did some science experiments with eggs...
and soil
Jess found out about the rainforest layers
Jess practised finding a quarter
Hope practised finding half
Jess drew a picture of rainforest animals
Ella's under the sea scene
Natalia made a coral reef
Jess played a shopping game
Hope made her own shop
Libby found out about turtles
Anyone fancy a ride!
Hope practised adding ... with socks!
Libby made a moving car
Jess painted her model car
Hope made an amazing planet model
Jess did a space puzzle - well done!
Ella played a phonics game
Jess made a space pattern
Hope practised alternative spellings
Jess practised odds and evens
Libby practised spellings
Hope found out about magnets
Hope made a fairy garden
Jess did some painting...
and found out the names of the planets
Ella has a new pet... a stick insect!
Libby did some super science
Hope has practised some phonics
Jess wrote a lovely poem...
about a mermaid
Ella has practised phonics
Libby has been looking after her new puppy
Jess has found out about compound words
Jess drew pictures of Vivaldi's four season
Natalia made a crown for Simba
Hope practised spelling some tricky words
Ella had a lovely birthday
Jess practised time
Read all about Phoebe's new bunnies
Mabel has been writing with her nanny
Natalia found out about deserts
Libby's brother helped her with her maths
What fun learning Hope!
Jess has tried some bicuits from around the world
Ella found some alien words
Jess remembered the continents song we learnt
Hope has practised fractions with her toy food
Libby worked with her brothers
Yummy looking fruit from around the world Jess

Learning at School

Today we created some pictures inspired by the artist Lynn Flavell
We painted beautiful pictures....
off different rainforest animals
Can you guess....
who is behind....
our rainforest animal masks.
Tuesday 30th. Today  we sorted coins....
And made our strange sea creatures .....
ready for our writing tomorrow
We dodged the showers this afternoon...
to go on a rainbow nature hunt
Our school pod is called Manta Ray.
We made PE spinners...
with actions
and numbers
We played with them outside
We had fun starting our transport topic today
We learnt how to draw a car step by step
and a boat
and a train
and a plane
and put them together in a picture
Today we made planet mobiles
Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt
We played circle games on the field
Mrs Smith read a story

Last week's writing task

Natalia wrote about the poison dart frog...
and drew an amazing picture
Oliver's jaguar got some whiskers
Libby wrote about how the frog got it's croak
Phoebe's dart frog became blue
Ella's tiger got its sharp teeth and long tail
Jess wrote about how the poisonous dart frog...
became blue.
Hope's gorilla gets thicker fur and changes colour
Rosie's macaw ate rainbow flowers

Jess' flags from around the world

More learning from home

Jess' kindness jar
Lovely weather for finding out about capacity Hope
Libby wrote a lovely poem
Ella practised numbers
Jess has leanrt about Islam
How clean are your hands after you wash them?
A work out for body and mind! Well done Hope
Lovely shape sewing Hope
Natalia drew her family
Jess found out about the Invictus games
Lily-Ann has been doing live art classes
Super shapes Hope!
Jess made her own lava lamp
Libby made poppies
Hope did some VE day craft
Jess painted poppies
Ella practised some tricky words
George made some bunting
VE day counting in 2s!
Hope did some doubling with paint
Jess has been baking
Natalia has been painting
Jess made keyworker smiles in her garden
Libby's mum and dad got a medal
Hunter practised writing tricky words
Ella found out about sign language
All smiles for Libby's family
Jacob's favourite food - yummy!
Jess found out about VE day
Harry found out about his body
Nalalia has been weaving
Oliver made his own pizza
What a super hero he is Hope
Love your superhero cape Libby
This looks amazing!
Ella found out about the UK
20 points well earned Jess....
for writing about Florence Nightingale
Great practise Hope
Harry collected litter (safely) in his local area
Jess wore gloves when looking after her baby
Hope has been sorting coins
Libby earnt 5 points designing a superhero
And another 2 for her heart!
Hope made her own numbers game!
Great picture Ella!
Hope was counting in 5s
Ella made a cake for the Queen's birthday
Jess found out about St George