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Spring Term

Years 1 and 2

Inspired by their topic 'Walk the Plank', Key Stage One were busy researching numerous facts about Pirates. The children enjoyed learning about how pirates travelled and were able to name different parts of a ship.  As a result, in DT, Year one and two were able to design their own moving picture by choosing key features of a ship and materials needed to make their leaver to ensure their ship would be able to move. 

Year 3 and Year 4

To explore Great Britain,  lower key stage two were exploring one of our proudest afternoon tea treats....scones. From taste testing to choosing a different selection of ingredients, the children enjoyed investigating what scones are and how they are made. This enabled them to experiment with  adapting a scone recipe by changing its size and flavour.  Whilst some children chose to make sweet scones using blueberries, others decided to make savoury ones using mixed herbs. Nevertheless, how delicious! 

DT Club

This term, children in Key stage one had the opportunity to make their very own puppets. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about different types of puppets and even had the chance to play with some hand puppets, finger puppets and shadow puppets. Having done so, they also were able to watch an episode of the classic puppet show 'The Sooty Show' as well as plan, design and make their very own puppet inspired by traditional tales.  

DT Club- Stitch it

This term year 3 & 4 have been exploring cushions. From colour, texture, design and fastenings, the children thoroughly enjoyed investigating what makes a great cushion.  The children were given a criteria which their deigns had to meet. One of which was using a key textile technique called 'reverse applique' which involved  two pieces of fabric layered on top of each other, the top fabric is cut away and hand stitched in place to reveal the design. The children used this method to create the first initial of their name. Using their research, Year 3 and 4 thought carefully about their design and enjoyed discussing their ideas with their peers before having a go at using the sewing machine to create their cushion.