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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview


At The Pines, we have written our own curriculum units for Key Stage 1 and 2, focusing on the needs of our children and community whilst also ensuring that the objectives within the National Curriculum are covered. These units incorporate learning from a variety of different subject areas ensuring that links are made where relevant. As a school, we have selected key concepts (such as trust, friendship, diversity and belonging) that provide overarching themes for curriculum learning and Key Stage 2 units also have a 'Big Question' that directs the learning. In Key Stage 1, we use an approach called Continuous Provision through which the curriculum is delivered. For more information on this way of teaching, please have a look at this page:


In Early Years, the teaching and learning is child-led and is determined by the children's interests and learning needs. Children in Nursery and Reception work towards the Early Learning Goals following the revised Early Years Framework. Further information can be found on our Early Years Curriculum page here:


Topic Overview

This year, 2023-24, we are running a transition year as we move to our one-year cycle. This is to ensure that no children repeat learning or miss any curriculum units.


Key Stage One


 Year 1Year 2
AutumnBelongingHome, sweet home
SpringHeroic HumansHeroic Humans
SummerIn developmentIn development


Key Stage Two


 Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
AutumnStone Age to Iron AgeStone Age to Iron AgeAnglo-SaxonsAnglo-Saxons
SpringEgyptiansGreeceMayaA Child's War
SummerUnited KingdomUnited KingdomOur World and BeyondChanges



Topic Overview Documents

For further details about each topic within this year's cycle, see our Topic Overviews below. Each Topic Overview includes the Big Question for the curriculum unit, the Concepts that are addressed through the unit and how the unit links to our Curriculum Drivers. National Curriculum objectives are included for subjects that are covered within the unit along with key vocabulary covered. There are also details regarding suitable texts and writing opportunities.


These are working documents that are constantly updated by the teachers in each year group as they review and develop their curriculum plans.