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Years 5/6


Welcome to Autumn 2021 in Year 5/6!

We will begin learning more about how war impacts the lives of children in Europe and across the world, with a focus on World War 2. This will include evacuation, rationing and how some were treated differently. This will link to both Anti-bullying week and our RE focus of Judaism. Our Geography lessons will be spent looking at the location of some of the countries and cities, especially those in Europe, that were involved in one or both of the World Wars. Writing lessons will be focused on the skills required to write recounts and narratives. We will be using both Rose Blanche and Letters from the Lighthouse in English. Our art will link with all our learning this term, exploring the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Henry Moore. We will develop our fluency, reasoning and problem solving in maths as we learn about place value and the four operations.  Children are expected to continue to practise their times tables at home to support their learning in class. As we approach the end of the term, we will be looking at the circulatory system and how to keep our bodies healthy.   This will be supported by the reading of Pig Heart Boy, our class novel. 

As we move into the second half of the term, our war work will be supported by reading Letters from the Lighthouse as part of the reading curriculum and Rose Blanche as part of the writing curriculum.  

For full details of this unit, have a look at our topic overview and Knowledge Organiser below:

Home Learning Expectations and Project Information

Our expectations of home learning are as follow:

Reading: Reading aloud with an adult progressing to more independent reading as often as possible.

Spellings: Children should be able to spell all words on the Statutory Word Lists for years 5/6. These can be found in their reading diaries.   

Times tables: Children should be able to recall all times tables to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.

Project: Children should complete a project task related to a curriculum area they are learning about once per half term.

Please see document below for guidance regarding the project home learning this half term.