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Enjoy your time together at home, but as you still may be trying to find different ways to keep yourselves entertained, we have decided to continue to add our Phase Challenges. Have some fun with these! 

Mrs Davies has also emailed a fantastic 'Easter Holiday Activity Booklet' with loads of different creative ideas, including learning sign language, art projects and some fun word challenges!

Whilst the school is closed, learning can continue. Keep checking your class page for help, challenges, useful websites and additional tasks. Mrs Hardy, Mrs Drury, Mrs Moorby-Lewis and Mrs Churchill would love to see what you have been getting up to so don't forget to ask an adult to email in any work or photos you would like to share to Scroll down to see the current phase challenge as well as the previous challenges.

Current Easter Holiday Challenge

Can you recreate an album cover using your photographic or digital technology skills?

There are so many album covers out there - very famous or not - so can you recreate them with your own inventive ideas?

A couple of suggestions based on one album cover are below. Email your results in for us to add!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Previous Challenges

How many famous landmarks from around the world can you name in this picture?

Picture 1
Picture 1

What is the tallest tower you can build with 6 sheets of newspaper?


If you do not have any newspaper, join together two sheets of A4 paper to represent one sheet of the newspaper. You may use tape but no other resources. Your tower must be free standing, which means it can not be attached to any walls or furniture. Feel free to email in photos of your achievements, including measurements if you are able.

Picture 1 Daniel in Elder
Picture 2 His tower reached heights of 131cms!
Picture 1