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Years 5/6


We are excited to be in our final term together this academic year with a lot of learning to squeeze in.

This term, pupils in Years 5 and 6 will be learning about ‘Our World and Beyond’, with a half term focus on space and the final half term developing our geographical skills while learning about environmental issues affecting our planet. We will learn about the movement of the Earth and our moon and how these link to day and night. Our geography will include using the points of a compass, six-figure grid references and maps to understand the position and significance of latitude, longitude, the Equator and time zones. During this exciting unit, there is also plenty of opportunities for art, music, computing and DT; we look forward to seeing what the children create with skills we develop. Our first class novel is ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio and our linked texts include non-fiction, poetry, biographies and other fiction extracts to expand our vocabulary and ability to retrieve information, infer, explain and predict. Within our writing lessons we will be learning how to write biographies whilst exploring the lives of people like Neil Armstrong, Mae Jemison, Eleanor Foraker, Tim Peak and Katherine Johnson. In Science and PSHE in the second half term, we will be discussing changes during puberty and learning about reproduction; further information will follow about this prior to teaching these lessons. Year 5 and 6 will be covering algebra, geometry (including shape and angles) and statistics (bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts) whilst still revising previously taught skills.

Home Learning Expectations and Project Information

In addition to the half termly project, Year 6 will be receiving one weekly English and Maths task to help develop the organisation skills they will require for secondary school in September.