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Welcome to our class page.


While school is closed, we will want to stay in touch. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and to share photos.


While you are at home, one of the most important things you can do is read, read and read again!

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Have a look at what Rowan class has been up to this week, from making model rockets to creating solar system mobiles.

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Learning at Home

While school is closed, we will be setting some activities to complete at home each week. Please click on the icons below to find more information about this. 

Recommended Websites

Click on the stars below to find a list of websites that you may find helpful when completing your home learning. 

Weekly Update - Week 12

I cannot believe there are only two more weeks left until the end of term. In some ways, it feels like only yesterday that we left school and went into lockdown, but in other ways, it feels like ages since we were together as Rowan Class. It's been lovely seeing some of you at school over the last few weeks - you've all adjusted to the new systems incredibly well - and I have enjoyed our class Zoom chats and weekly phone calls. Our class email account has been filled with fantastic work, including some great stories and fact files for sea creatures, and I can't wait to see what this week will bring. 


Outside of school, I have experienced my first (and hopefully last) lockdown birthday and have watched pretty much every premier league match on TV. My friend bought me a new piano book, so I have been practising the songs in that, and I have been catching up with friends and family online. 


I hope you've all had a good start to the week. Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Moorby-Lewis

Rowan's Weekly Writing Tasks

I have been so impressed with the writing that has been sent to me over the last few weeks. It's been great to see the creative story ideas you've been coming up with and I've really enjoyed reading them. Click on the icons below to see some examples of Rowan Class' amazing writing. 


If you would like your writing added to this section, let me know via email, or when I phone for my weekly check-in. 

Rowan's Learning at Home Gallery (summer)

Pupils in Rowan Class have been working incredibly hard at home. Look below to see some amazing photos of what they have been up to, including going on nature scavenger hunts, creating fantastic pencil sketches and having home movie nights. 

Rowan's Learning at Home Gallery (spring)

Take a look at all the amazing things Rowan Class has been doing since school closed. If you would like any photos added to this section, please contact me via the class email address:

A Poem For You All

My kind, hard-working Year 6 class,

I really miss you all,

Remember to listen out this week,

For my lockdown check-in call,


Learning at home and staying in,

Has fast become the norm,

It's been great to see the work you've done,

While riding out this storm,


So here we are approaching,

Our fourth week spent at home,

The entire world's affected,

From Great Britain to Rome,


I'm hoping we'll be back together,

Very, very soon,

And crossing my fingers that it will be,

Much earlier than June,


Until then, Rowan class - take care,

Stay happy, safe and well,

I simply cannot wait to hear,

The lockdown stories you shall tell.


Rowan Challenges

Lots of you have been really busy at home and have sent in some activities for your friends to try. Can you get full marks in Jayden's quiz? What about finding all the words in Dhilan's word search? Let me know how you get on. Maria has also created a fantastic fact file about life in Athens and Sparta, so take a look below. 

Jayden's Animal Habitat Quiz


I know some of you have been continuing with the work that was sent out before Easter. If you need any of the answers to these activities, click on the link below.