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Welcome to our class page.


While school is closed, we will want to stay in touch. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and to share photos.


While you are at home, one of the most important things you can do is read, read and read again!

Mrs Moorby-Lewis' Reading Journey


I am going to add frequent updates to this section, detailing the books and other materials that I have enjoyed reading. If you have some reading books, or other materials at home, and haven't quite got to them yet, maybe you could try them and let me know what you think, as I would love to know.


Began 22nd March

BBC History Magazine (March Issue)


In this issue, I have enjoyed reading articles about Henry V and crime in Georgian Britain (this links really well to our recent crime and punishment topic).

Began 31st March

Tudor: The Family Story


Today, I'm moving away from magazines and moving on to a book instead. I've actually read this book previously, but enjoyed it so much I am going to read it again.



Happy Easter Everybody


With the Easter holidays now upon us, I hope you have all managed to enjoy the last couple of weeks at home with your families. I have been so impressed with all the learning from home photos you have been sending in. Some of the activities you've been doing look like so much fun that I think I will give them a go myself. The next two weeks are a fantastic opportunity to relax and spend time with your family, however, if you find yourself in need of some activities to pass the time, you might like to try some of the ideas below:


  • Have a go at completing some of the Easter Holiday Activity Booklet (this can be found on our Year 5/6 phase page)
  • Have a go at this week's challenge (I would love to see some of the album cover ideas you come up with)
  • Practise your times tables using Times Table Rockstars
  • Play some games as a family (you could try some board games, online games, card games, charades or even some hide and seek).
  • Learn a new skill. Mr Naylor taught me how to make friendship bracelets the other day, so I am going to try and practise making more of these.
  • Help out with some of the household jobs, such as tidying, cooking or cleaning.
  • Get active - you could follow an online exercise video, or maybe even make a routine of your own for your family to follow.
  • If you haven't completed some of the Week 2 Home Learning Challenges, these will still be available on this page for the next two weeks for you to have a go at. A new challenge grid will be added after the Easter holidays.


Whatever you choose to do during the Easter holidays, have fun and stay safe.

Don’t forget to send us photos of you learning or of your completed work to

Week 2 Home Learning Challenges

Although the Easter holidays are now upon us, you may still like to complete some of these challenges, so the grid below will stay online for the next two weeks.

Week 1 Update

As we approach the end of the first week away from school, I thought I'd provide a bit of an update about my experience away from the classroom. On Monday, I spent the day at school with 'Free Arena' class. It was a really enjoyable day, but very strange without Rowan class there. The last few days have provided me with the opportunity to go for some lovely walks in the sunshine, as well as take part in some online dance and exercise classes, which has been great. Mrs Hicks has been sending me lots of emails with updates about your learning at home - I've really enjoyed looking at these, so keep up the good work. Over the next few days, I'm hoping to keep in touch a bit more with friends and family online and improve my skills on Nintendo Switch, as I'm currently pretty hopeless at it! I hope you're all doing ok, and I'll provide another update soon.

Week 2 Update


I can't actually believe that it's almost the end of the second week of not being at school. This week seems to have flown by. Yesterday, I was in school with Free Arena class, working alongside Mr Naylor. It was a very busy day, with plenty of fun activities. I even learnt how to make a different style of friendship bracelet. We made some nature mobiles, some chocolate bars and also did a Lego building challenge. Throughout the rest of the week, I have filled my time with reading, cooking, writing a journal, Times Table Rockstars, playing Spyro (where I have improved thankfully) and even some running. I have also thoroughly enjoyed receiving the emails and photos of your learning at home, so thank you for those. It really is lovely to see all the creative things you've been doing.


Stay safe, keep up the good work and enjoy your Easter.  


Mrs Moorby-Lewis

Learning at Home in Rowan Class

Learning at Home in Rowan Class 1 Some great rainbows by Kalli-Rose and her family

Baking and toasting marshmallows


All answers to the various activities sent home over the last two weeks are below.

Maths Algebra Answers

Answers to questions about time

Answers to questions about time 1
Answers to questions about time 2

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spellings

Recommended Websites:




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Spelling Frame - activities to practise spelling patterns and rules



The Quest of Comma Castle

Spelling and Grammar








Times Table Rockstars

Top Marks 7-11

Radius of the Lost Arc



Word Problems

Maths Playground -you'll need paper ready for your working out!


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Nrich - mathematical games and problems